Accounts Receivable Management

Seemingly impossible compliance mandates, evolved communications, stringent client service demands, transient consumers – it seems whenever ARM professionals climb one mountain, there are a thousand more on the horizon. Consumer protection only adds to the herculean effort it takes to overcome and remain profitable in the ever-evolving, always complex collection and debt purchasing world.

Your business – our business – has shifted dramatically in the past decade. Consumers behave differently and make payments through new channels. It seems like the legal and technological environments change daily. Successful receivables operations need the ability to shift practice on a moment’s notice and grow along with the market: Clients expect it, trade and government bodies demand it and your business deserves it.

For 30+ years, Ontario Systems® has led the ARM industry with technology and services that turn receivables into revenue and compliance challenges into advantages. Let us show you how through our ARM Industry products, services and power tools. 

ARM Technology & Services

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Artiva RM

The all-in-one product, designed specifically
for a quickly evolving industry

Built on the foundation of our 30+ years of ARM industry experience, the Artiva RM™ enterprise product helps collection professionals recover more and do so more efficiently. For the last decade, innovative leaders have used the system to dramatically improve their financial position and survive tightening budgets, greater regulatory pressure and heavier service demands. It gives successful operations the ability to break free of obsolete practices and move forward.

Artiva HC

The top workflow/strategic receivables product
for agencies collecting medical debt

The Artiva HC™ enterprise product empowers healthcare collection agencies to maximize cash flow, perform insurance denial services and manage patient communications while navigating today’s complex self-pay and regulatory compliance environments. 


30+ years of development later - the
flagship product that started it all

Ontario Systems’ pioneering accounts receivable product, the FACS® enterprise product, has been providing ARM industry leaders with the technology to efficiently run their collection operations for over 30 years. The FACS product incorporates a host of tools and technology into a tightly integrated package to help agencies increase productivity, performance and profits. 

Contact Savvy

Sophisticated contact management, from the cloud,
enabling smarter, higher-volume dialing

Hosted dialer, IVR and messaging capabilities. Automatic inbound/outbound call flow. Right-sized for your enterprise. Full integration with Ontario Systems’ core applications. It’s the most powerful collection of telephony solutions ever deployed in our industry and it’s helped hundreds reduce the cost and effort required to send connect rates through the roof and unlock major cash.

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Power Tools

The extra tools that power
the unique needs of your business

Contact Savvy™

Sophisticated contact management, from the cloud, enabling smarter, higher-volume dialing

Guaranteed Contacts™

Premise-based inbound/outbound contact management solutions

Complaint Tracker™

Tackle CFPB compliance, corrective action and complaint resolution with one powerful tool

Manual Contact System™

A system designed specifically for manually dialing cell phones while retaining critical business controls

Signature IVR™

Allow clients the convenience of accessing account information via phone


The guidance and support
from those who understand your needs


Get up and running on your new receivables technology product and rapidly see improved ROI with Ontario Systems. We partner with your team to quickly enhance your enterprise through an array of services. 


From technical support for mission-critical issues, to the help you need to improve the way you use your Ontario Systems products, to supplemental IT staffing to help you manage peak demand or turnover and use our technology to its fullest capacity, Ontario Systems is your go-to for any assistance you need.


If you’re looking to unlock the true potential of your receivables management operation, Ontario Systems provides a team of seasoned industry veterans to assist you with everything you need to make the most of your ideas and technologies. 


The number of challenges facing receivables management professionals today is truly staggering. So when you make a big technology investment, it’s critical you continually invest in the training and education that allows you to maximize feature functionality and minimize operational and compliance issues. 


Sometimes your business’s unique requirements demand a customized solution addressing your specific place in the market. Our Development Services team can help you take advantage of all opportunities, tailoring solutions that address your needs in the most efficient manner possible.

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