Artiva HC

The leading receivables management product for healthcare collection agencies that allows you to optimize business rule automation, enhance customer service and recover cash faster. 

Product Overview
Features & Benefits

Regulatory change, shifts in reimbursement and new alliances between doctors and hospitals in the healthcare industry – these market drivers put healthcare financial management leaders in a challenging position. Consequently, many are turning to extended business offices with the expertise to mitigate risk and provide the high-touch customer service patients expect from their providers. The Artiva HC™ enterprise product empowers healthcare collection agencies to maximize cash flow, perform insurance denial services and manage patient communications while navigating today’s complex self-pay and regulatory compliance environments. 


  • Segment and prioritize patient accounts and reorganize staff workflow in real time
  • Manage insurance denials workload from appeal to recovery with rapid follow-up segmentation and distribution
  • Track and report charity care allowances, while assisting patients through the charity application process
  • Test collection strategies for different patient segments, including automated messaging, phone, interactive voice response and skills-based routing options
  • Audit thousands of calls daily with speech analytics, drive customer service compliance and enable quick intervention when additional training is needed
  • Automate payer website searching and improve account representative efficiency
  • Accelerate pre-registration and scheduling with smart-patient contact strategies and dialing technology
  • Integrated, trended dashboards empower you with the information you need to continually assess and improve your operations


  • Increase dollars collected and decrease write-offs
  • Maximize staff effectiveness, and target your team’s efforts to those accounts most likely to yield results
  • Help patients manage the risks of high-deductible self-pay benefit plans with pre-screening workflow options
  • Enable patients to establish, track and manage payment arrangements
  • Help ensure audit compliance
  • Enhance customer service responsiveness to inbound calls
  • Increase your number of outbound calls by up to 400%
  • Provide faster, friendlier service to the thousands of patients

The Word on Artiva HC

  • Artiva HC has helped State Collection Service grow quickly by providing us the tools we need to efficiently manage self-pay and insurance follow-up for healthcare providers of all sizes, all while allowing us the flexibility to assist our clients in enhancing the patient experience.”

    Terry Armstrong, President, State Collection Service, Inc.
Contact Savvy

Sophisticated contact management, from the cloud,
enabling smarter, higher-volume dialing

When you consider contact management in your healthcare receivables strategy, enhancing patient service and reducing solution complexity should be your two biggest priorities. Reduce hours spent wrangling your tech infrastructure, save your representatives time, talk to more patients, pay less for telecom and help ensure airtight compliance – those are your challenges. What’s the best way to meet them? The Contact Savvy™ solutions.

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Power Tools

Add-ons that make your technology as unique as your business

Contact Savvy™

Sophisticated contact management, from the cloud, enabling smarter, higher-volume dialing

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