Contact Savvy

Hosted dialer, IVR and messaging capabilities. Automatic inbound/outbound call flow. Right-sized for your enterprise. Full integration with Ontario Systems’ core enterprise products. It’s the most powerful collection of telephony solutions ever deployed in our industry.

Product Overview
Features & Benefits

The Contact Savvy® contact management solutions help you reduce the cost and effort required to operate your telephony platform, and scale your business up or down. Accessed via the cloud, without the headache demanded by on-premise hardware, we provide the time- and cost-saving advantages of a highly-accurate answering machine detection engine combined with a tunable algorithm for early media analysis, managed IT resources and enhanced insight into dialing campaigns and results. It’s fully-featured, fully-integrated and wholly amazing, and it’s available to you, without the downtime.


  • Manual, power and predictive dialing campaigns
  • Functionality to throttle by key parameters (hold time, abandon, etc.)
  • Answering machine detection, text-to-speech and IVR on every line
  • Fully-blended inbound and outbound dialing campaign support with multiple inbound routes
  • Cell phone consent and scrubbing
  • Credit card number masking when recording agent calls
  • More compliance tools to assist with state and federal calling restrictions
  • Agent management, including whisper, monitor, barge-in and commandeer


  • Reduce operational costs, increase agent efficiency and transition easier from a premise dialer
  • Increase connect rates and reduce answering machines sent to agents for faster account workthrough
  • Enable maximum flexibility in campaign management and increase agent effectiveness
  • Heightened call result reporting, reduced bad redials and increased good number penetration
  • Insight, analysis and proactive advice to optimize contact technology and staff
  • More cash and collection profitability
  • Improved tools to assist with dialing compliance

The Word on Contact Savvy

  • Our dialing technology has improved so substantially that we only have to make a fraction of the call attempts that we were dialing previously with significantly improved results. Our con­nect rate has tripled and our increase in live answers has more than doubled.”

    Derek Whitaker, Chief Information Officer, Convergent
  • What we’re seeing [with Contact Savvy] is an increased dialing capacity, we’re penetrating our inventory, contact rates are improving. The fees our collectors are generating has increased anywhere from 30 to 35% since our transition."

    Mark Boich, Operations Manager, JP Recovery Services
  • We moved to Contact Savvy in 2013 and we haven’t looked back. Probably the most notable thing for us as management, and also our collectors, was how quickly we forgot about the contact platform itself. We worried about contacting the right accounts, how our agents were performing on the phone and focusing on our core business and not actually managing the processes." 

    Greg Leaf, Senior Operations Analyst, Professional Recovery Consultants
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