Ontario Systems® pioneering accounts receivable product, the FACS® enterprise product, has been providing ARM industry leaders with the technology to efficiently run their collection operations for over 30 years. 

Product Overview
FACS Add-Ons

The FACS enterprise product helps you attain higher recovery rates, identify and work your most collectible accounts and reduce the cost of collecting each account. The product’s modular structure allows you to expand as your business grows, offering a variety of additional technology that seamlessly integrate into your product.

The FACS product incorporates a host of tools and technology into a tightly integrated package to help agencies increase productivity, performance and profits. For a complete list of the additional technology available to FACS system users, please click on the Add Ons tab.


  • FACS CheckWriter™
  • FACS Workstation™
  • Voice Trak™
  • DISQ™
  • Enable™
  • Validity™
  • Speech Analytics™
  • Data Link™

The Word on FACS

  • We needed a solution with the flexibility to allow for quick, agile changes in strategy throughout the collection process. That meant one that could easily link with key vendors, while still providing the robust functionality we needed to send letters, skiptrace, and report credit information, without requiring us to use hours of time to train our staff. We spoke with dozens involved in the industry to learn what the best fit would be – Ontario Systems was the consistent answer.”

    Dave Hoeft, Founder, Phoenix Financial Services
  • We started using FACS 18 years ago and we’ve watched it evolve over the years. We’ve brought on a lot of enhancements that have really improved the service we provide our clients.

    One of the best features we might take for granted is the ability to tie accounts at different levels – at the route level and at the agency level. That’s a huge benefit that we’ve found that helps us comply with our client requirements.”

    Dave Cannella, President, Credit Service Company, Inc.

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Contact Savvy

Sophisticated contact management, from the cloud,
enabling smarter, higher-volume dialing

When you consider contact management in your healthcare receivables strategy, enhancing patient service and reducing solution complexity should be your two biggest priorities. Reduce hours spent wrangling your tech infrastructure, save your representatives time, talk to more patients, pay less for telecom and help ensure airtight compliance – those are your challenges. What’s the best way to meet them? The Contact Savvy™ solutions.

Power Tools

The extra tools that power
the unique needs of your business

Contact Savvy™

Sophisticated contact management solutions, from the cloud, enabling smarter, higher-volume dialing

Guaranteed Contacts™

Premise-based inbound/outbound contact management solutions

Complaint Tracker™

Tackle CFPB compliance, corrective action and complaint resolution with one powerful tool

Manual Contact System™

A system designed specifically for manually dialing cell phones while retaining critical business controls

Signature IVR™

Allow clients the convenience of accessing account information via phone

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