Managed Services

When you tap into Ontario Systems® Managed Services™ offering, we help you transfer your day-to-day system administration responsibility for more cost-effective operations. By shifting IT maintenance and support, you get predictable costs, flexible staffing and on-demand expertise. 

Product Overview
Features & Benefits

The Ontario Systems Managed Services offering provides administration and support for application management, database management and contact management. Through the breadth of our team’s comprehensive experience, we are able to employ tried-and-true practices throughout everything we do, helping to fine-tune your operations in a cost-efficient manner. We take it one step further to ensure your success through a well-connected delivery system that engages additional depth of expertise within Ontario Systems disciplines, including support, to accelerate communication and prioritize business needs.


  • Single point of contact and accountability
  • Flexibility to augment resources and scale IT
  • Access to a broad, highly qualified talent pool that can address diverse business needs
  • Obtain access to standard product training to help improve your team expertise


  • Leverage the best practical application of technology that your business demands by those who know it best
  • Rapidly adopt new product features that deliver benefits to the business
  • Minimize loss of productivity from staff turnover
  • Maximize operational excellence through persistent standardization and change management practices

The Word on Managed Services

  • Through Ontario Systems’ Managed Services program we’ve been able to supplement our current IT staff with the knowledge and experience of the OS folks in Managed Services. We’ve really been able to use the software to its fullest to accommodate those client demands and client requirements, as well as a lot of the compliance issues that the CFPB and other regulatory entities are putting in front of us."

    Dave Cannella, President, Credit Service Company, Inc.

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