Complaint Tracker

Act in a timely manner with tools to profitably enter, monitor, investigate, remediate and resolve CFPB-generated complaints. Close the loop quickly, and in accordance with government regulation with robust functionality that keeps your business moving forward, without a necessary step back.

Product Overview
Features & Benefits

The CFPB tracks hundreds of agencies and other financial institutions every year. Remaining compliant with their rules depends on timeliness, claim resolution process, coding, and awareness. Keeping up means ditching your spreadsheet, and bolstering your complaint management system – Often the difference between remaining profitable and falling victim. 

That’s why we’ve built the sole subscription-based, cloud-hosted, centralized complaint repository that automatically coordinates complaint accumulation and appropriate corrective action in accordance with your business. Fully integrated with Ontario Systems’ core products to efficiently transfer data between applications and the CFPB’s API, it’s the most powerful weapon in your compliance battle.

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  • Intuitive complaint entry for new users, and easy access to complaint data
  • Robust reporting capabilities and dashboards
  • Efficient account management and system maintenance
  • View-only/edit distinctions for defined datasets
  • Integration with the CFPB's API
  • Standardized codes for data consistency
  • Technology-driven processes to resolve complaints and enforce remedial action
  • Benchmark, trend and critical data point analysis


  • Integrate your complaint resolution system with existing applications and consolidate to a single, centralized system
  • Drive consistency and reduce human error with standardized coding
  • Enhance reporting capabilities for advanced pattern and trend analysis
  • Ease audit request compliance and access to complaint data while ensuring regulatory standards are met
  • Support gaps in training, policies and procedures

The Word on Complaint Tracker

  • The complaint tracker solution from Ontario Systems has provided our company with a state-of-the-art application giving us the ability to streamline and more effectively manage the complaint resolution process.  Gone are the days when this process was managed manually using excel spreadsheets.  This process can now be managed efficiently and without the complications that can arise as a result of human error.  We are excited to finally have a solution we can count on to meet the latest industry driven requirements.”

    Lynda VanNess, Vice President, Information Technology, AllianceOne Receivables Management Inc.
  • Our efforts to provide best in class customer service and complaint resolution for consumers led us to initiatives that made it easier for consumers to reach us with their concerns via phone, Internet, and the traditional regulatory channels.  Tracking and analyzing them in Excel spreadsheets was an expensive and frustrating chore. Complaint Tracker has been invaluable in managing the volume, and I'm not aware of any other product on the market that can do what it does."

    Derek Keltgen, Compliance Officer, AllianceOne Receivables Management Inc.

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