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Leading Provider of Collection Technology, Services & Compliance Solutions
for the ARM and Healthcare Industries
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For 30+ years we’ve served as the leading provider of accounts receivable solutions for the collections and healthcare industries. Our products and services help to fuel the missions for the country’s leading healthcare providers. Three of the top six best health systems in the U.S. run on our solutions and more than 55,000 representatives in 500+ locations use our products to unlock cash and turn receivables into revenue every day.

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Optimize workflows. Enhance customer service. Gain control over compliance challenges. Ontario Systems’ technology gives you the power to address any healthcare receivables issue with confidence. Gain greater reimbursement and turn receivables into cash faster with the most sophisticated, advanced products in the industry for your hospital, health system, CBO or EBO. 

Enhanced revenue workflow for a single patient experience
Sophisticated contact management, from the cloud, enabling smarter, higher-volume dialing
Add-ons that make your technology as unique as your business
Support and expertise from the best minds in receivables, on your doorstep

At Ontario Systems, it’s our people who make us the leading receivables management provider in the industry. They’re the ones behind our innovative products. And they’re the ones who lend guidance and support to our customers seeking to build their businesses and drive better returns.


Get up and running on your new receivables technology product and rapidly see improved ROI with Ontario Systems. We partner with your team to quickly enhance your enterprise through an array of services. Whether you’re converting to a new product, adding new customers, adding new facilities or fulfilling any number business goals, we will ease the stress through our implementation services.


From technical support for mission-critical issues, to the help you need to improve the way you use your Ontario Systems products, to supplemental IT staffing to help you manage peak demand or turnover and use our technology to its fullest capacity, Ontario Systems is your go-to for any assistance you need. No matter what need you have, we have a solution. After all, no one knows Ontario Systems’ products better than the people who built them. 


If you’re looking to unlock the true potential of your receivables management operation, Ontario Systems provides a team of seasoned industry veterans to assist you with everything you need to make the most of your ideas and technologies. We offer a broad suite of consultative services that focus on driving higher profits and lowering your business risks. 


The number of challenges facing Healthcare receivables professionals today is truly staggering. So when you make a big technology investment, it’s critical you continually invest in the training and education that allows you to maximize feature functionality and minimize operational and compliance issues. Let us teach you how to best apply our products to your business processes, reduce operational risks and increase intellectual value and investment in your employees.


Sometimes your business’s unique requirements demand a customized solution addressing your specific place in the market. Our Development Services team can help you take advantage of all opportunities, tailoring solutions that address your needs in the most efficient manner possible. Our valuable programs include: Application Integration, New Features, Client Customizations and Interface Services. 

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For 30+ years, the top collections and healthcare business offices have turned to their recognized technology and services leader – Ontario Systems. We provide solutions to the most pressing receivables management challenges of the day, designed in concert with our customers and regulatory bodies like the CFPB.

  • 30+ years of receivables expertise and innovation
  • Technology and services designed collaboratively with customers and regulators
  • Flexible solutions that impact your bottom line, built as unique as your operation
  • Solution provider to three of the top six best health systems in the U.S.
  • Partnerships with over 40 data service providers, adding more than 300 integrated services

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