Healthcare Solutions

In an evolving healthcare market challenged by the rise of high-deductible health plans, reimbursement reductions and regulatory reform, providers across the country are struggling to maintain positive financial health.  These challenges are forcing many to look at process redesigns, affiliations or acquisitions to boost their financial performance.  While these efforts can lead to better financial margins, they also present a new challenge in providing the patient with a single experience as they engage the provider’s new network across multiple legacy systems. Factor in the importance of patient satisfaction with new reimbursement models and this challenge becomes even more pronounced. 

For more than 30 years, Ontario Systems has served medical providers, their outsourcers and business offices with technology and services that help receivable professionals reach patients on their terms, streamline and optimize workflows and recover more revenue. You provide the financial care patients expect after leaving the provider’s office. We provide the support and technology you need to meet their demands. Let us show you how through our healthcare industry products, services and power tools.

Healthcare Technology & Services

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Artiva HCx

Enhanced revenue workflow
for a single patient experience

By blending technology, data services and strategy support, the Artiva HCx™ solution helps providers and their outsourcers realize truly positive financial health for both themselves and their patients. With a single, integrated platform for all data systems, you can provide a single experience for your community, along with enhanced productivity and efficiency. Blended technology, services and strategy support make the Artiva HCx solution the best suite of tools on the market, managed by one partner.

Contact Savvy

Sophisticated contact management, from the cloud,
enabling smarter, higher-volume dialing

The Contact Savvy® contact management solutions from Ontario Systems are a SaaS offering, with both manual dialing and fully automated inbound/outbound, IVR and messaging capabilities. Hosted at our facilities, saving you the cost and effort of upgrading and managing your own hardware, the Contact Savvy solutions are operated using the same user interface your account representatives use today and are perfectly integrated with the Ontario Systems Artiva HC™ enterprise product.

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Power Tools

The extra tools that power
the unique needs of your business

Contact Savvy™

Sophisticated contact management, from the cloud, enabling smarter, higher-volume dialing

Artiva HC Performance Management™

Actionable insight into your receivables operations through data analytics, trends, aggregation and reporting


The guidance and support
from those who understand your needs


Get up and running on your new receivables technology product and rapidly see improved ROI with Ontario Systems. We partner with your team to quickly enhance your enterprise through an array of services. 


From technical support for mission-critical issues, to the help you need to improve the way you use your Ontario Systems products, to supplemental IT staffing to help you manage peak demand or turnover and use our technology to its fullest capacity, Ontario Systems is your go-to for any assistance you need.


If you’re looking to fuel your mission and unlock the true potential of your receivables management operation, Ontario Systems provides a team of seasoned industry veterans to assist you with everything you need to make the most of your ideas and technologies. 


The number of challenges facing healthcare receivables management professionals today is truly staggering. So when you make a big technology investment, it’s critical you continually invest in the training and education that allows you to maximize feature functionality and minimize operational and compliance issues. 


Sometimes your business’s unique requirements demand a customized solution addressing your specific place in the market. Our Development Services team can help you take advantage of all opportunities, tailoring solutions that address your needs in the most efficient manner possible.

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