Artiva HCx

The industry’s leading receivables solution for top healthcare organizations. Enhance productivity, reduce cost to collect, and provide a single patient experience while managing the risks of high-deductible, self-pay benefit plans and reduced reimbursements.

Product Overview
Features & Benefits

One patient. One experience. One solution. One focus for your service reps - By merging multiple types of data together from your patient accounting systems, and your partners onto a single account screen, we help enhance productivity and bring down your cost to collect while improving patient satisfaction.

The Artiva HCx™ solution empowers you to achieve these improvements with a fully-integrated patient engagement suite that allows patients to interact on their terms and at their convenience.  With automated data and product services embedded in the process flow, providers eliminate extra steps and exception-based workflows help representatives work the right accounts at the right time.

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  • Segment and prioritize patient accounts and reorganize staff workflow in real time
  • Manage your insurance denials workload from appeal to recovery with rapid follow-up segmentation and distribution
  • Track and report charity care allowances, while assisting patients through the charity application process
  • Test collection strategies for different patient segments, including automated messaging, phone, interactive voice response, and skills-based routing options
  • Agency management functionality provides transparent agency placement, management reporting, and automated recall based on user-defined timeframes
  • Audit thousands of calls daily with speech analytics, drive customer service compliance, and enable quick intervention when additional training is needed
  • Accelerate pre-registration and scheduling with smart patient contact strategies and dialing technology
  • Automate payer website searching and improve account representative efficiency
  • Integrated, trended dashboards empower you with the information you need to continually assess and improve your operations


  • Increase staff productivity
  • Work accounts you do not get to today
  • Increase pace and likelihood of payer reimbursement
  • Enable patients to establish, track and manage payment arrangements
  • Raise patient cash collected
  • Reduce cost to collect
  • Reduce bad debt write offs
  • Reduce administrative cost to managing multiple vendors

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Contact Savvy

Sophisticated contact management, from the cloud,
enabling smarter, higher-volume dialing

The Contact Savvy™ contact management solutions help you reduce the cost and effort required to operate your telephony platform, and scale your business up or down. Accessed via the cloud, without the headache demanded by on-premise hardware, we provide the time- and cost-saving advantages of a highly-accurate answering machine detection engine combined with a tunable algorithm for early media analysis, managed IT resources and enhanced insight into dialing campaigns and results. It’s fully-featured, fully-integrated and wholly amazing, and it’s available to you, without the downtime.

Power Tools

The extra tools that power the unique needs of your business

Contact Savvy™

Sophisticated contact management, from the cloud, enabling smarter, higher-volume dialing

Artiva HC Performance Management™

Actionable insight into your receivables operations through data analytics, trends, aggregation and reporting

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