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Healthcare’s leading cloud-based, next-generation solutions for optimized contact management. Bring your dialer to the cloud and your customer service to the moon.

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Expanding self-pay volumes and risk, compliance headaches, telco costs, hardware obsolescence – it seems keeping up with growing patient volume becomes a bigger burden by the week. When combined with the resources associated with IT maintenance, managing your workforce and handling administrative tasks, it’s hard to imagine how you can deliver financial care to the same excellent standard set by your clinical care.

When you consider contact management in your healthcare receivables strategy, enhancing patient service and reducing solution complexity should be your two biggest priorities. Reduce hours spent wrangling your tech infrastructure, save your representatives time, talk to more patients, pay less for telecom and help ensure airtight compliance – those are your challenges. What’s the best way to meet them? The Contact Savvy® solutions.

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  • Manage inbound customer service and collection calls
  • Deliver outbound collection dialing campaigns
  • Present the patient with interactive, self-service options
  • Scale dialing capacity to meet demand


  • Fewer redials, more live-answered calls
  • Scalable technology, to match the ebb, flow, and growth of your business office
  • Effective patient portfolio management
  • Patient self-service options via IVR – extend the business office to a 24/7 operation
  • Compliance tools that address state and federal calling restrictions

The Word on Contact Savvy

  • Our dialing technology has improved so substantially that we only have to make a fraction of the call attempts that we were dialing previously with significantly improved results. Our con­nect rate has tripled and our increase in live answers has more than doubled.”

    Derek Whitaker, Chief Information Officer, Convergent

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