PredictiveMetrics (PMI) is the leading provider of statistical-based predictive scoring and analytical decision solutions for diverse industries, types of financing, and debt. PredictiveMetrics’ suite of collection scoring solutions, MedicalCollectionScoreSM, UltraCollectionScoreSM, CardCollectionScoreSM, LegalCollectionScoreSM, DebtBuyerScoreSM, offers customers several advantages. Two outcomes - predicted probability of payment and expected dollar value. Complies with HIPAA and Pintos Ruling. These scores segment the delinquent accounts by type of debt, age, and balance. Advanced reporting is provided with the scores allowing customers to base purchases / collection strategies on cost, effort, and impact resulting in optimal resource allocation.

PredictiveMetrics offers a FREE retrospective validation test to prove prioritization effectiveness of its scores on your accounts!