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More Flexibility.
Ultimate Control.

Give your developers the tools to create your optimal solution to collect more and provide better service.

Proven. Powerful. Peerless.

Field-tested, and backed by more than 10 years of innovative development and continuous improvement, Artiva® is the proven solution for receivables management. 

Artiva® is:
  • The platform of choice for medium to large customers
  • Ideal for complex business challenges demanding the most granular levels of control and customization

DNA Strand

Add your DNA.
Then stand back.

Artiva lets you easily create the solutions that work for your agency needs, easily.  With Artiva, you get: 

  • A scalable framework that lets IT create automated workflows and scoring processes designed around your business
  • Powerful scripting and a robust toolset to address all debt types uniquely
  • The most extensible solution on the market

Truly turn-key telephone automation and monitoring.

Fully fused dialing, IVR, and messaging capabilities. 

It gives you:
  • Instantaneous feedback to events
  • The capability to react immediately to calling, IRV, and message occurences
The Word on Artiva

“Artiva has provided us with the flexibility to grow and serve clients that we previously would not have been able to based on today’s stringent requirements of our clients.  As our clients demands increase, Ontario Systems and the Artiva platform allow us to be agile and conform to their needs.” 

--Ernie Pollak, President and CEO, NES

“Artiva has proven to be a powerful collection system for JCC.  The customizable nature and flexibility of the system is a stark contrast to most legacy systems.  The ability for us to combine Artiva’s workflow automation with our analytics and collection know-how has allowed us to create very strong, compliant performance for our clients as well as ‘P&L friendly’ efficiencies for JCC.” 

--Chad Lemke, Chief Operating Officer, Array Services Group


  • Modify the User Interface (UI) and control workflows yourself with Artiva Studio’s Workflow Designer
  • Extend your database and more with a user-configurable toolset solution
  • Deliver Crystal Reports, modified to suit your business needs
  • Flow information through the system based on your own business rules
  • Generate reports and search for information using built-in management tools
  • Customize sophisticated file processing (import/export) tools and features 
  • Enable holistic financial management with electronic payment processing, client/vendor statements and invoices, and historical transaction auditing
  • Fully fused dialer capabilities


  • Gain greater flexibility and control,  and identify trends before they become problems 
  • Ensure accounts are worked to your standards
  • Create business workflows that meet your needs
  • Prioritize accounts with a greater likelihood of payment for your representatives
  • Minimize account representatives’ training time
  •  Make important business decisions with confidence
  • Achieve cost savings and a fully-managed and secure IT infrastructure
  • Add connections to services provided by leading industry vendors 
  • Enhance HIPAA and PCI compliance