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Healthcare financial leaders faced a myriad of challenges in 2018 and we covered many of those topics on the OS blog. While we’re already focused on addressing the challenges of 2019, we want to highlight some last year’s hottest topics. Here are five articles from 2018 we want to make sure you didn’t miss:


Call Insurance Companies the Right Way, and Find Your Productivity Improvement Magic Bullet

Knowing how to deal with insurance hold times is an important factor in pursuit of better productivity. In this article, Shawn Yates highlights innovative tactics that can significantly reduce the time your reps spend on hold and navigating IVR.

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3 Reasons Why Omni-Channel Communication Buzzed At HIMSS This Year

The annual HIMSS conference is the conference to learn about healthcare’s information technology evolution. What was the buzz at 2018’s event? Omni-channel patient engagement. Steve Scibetta highlights three areas providers need to address in order to improve patient satisfaction.

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These 7 Must-Have Functions Are Fueling the IVR’s Soaring Popularity

Though IVR technology is not new, in recent years, its popularity has skyrocketed. IVRs bring consumers and businesses together efficiently, systematically, accurately and are nothing less than technological problem solvers. In this article, Rozanne Andersen highlights the seven must-have functions of your IVR technology.

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3 Opportunities to Align the Hospital and Practice with RCM Functions

Healthcare providers continue to feel stress from reduced reimbursements and lowering margins, but those issues can be conquered largely through the effective collection and use of data, along with a solid communication strategy. Shawn Yates outlines three opportunities to help align the hospital and practice with RCM functions.

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AI in Receivables: Understanding the Background, Data, Computing Power and Application

Artificial Intelligence concepts have been around since just after World War II, but only in the last decade has it burst into practical application. So how are receivables professionals responding to the concept of AI? In this article, Amy Kennedy takes a deeper dive into the topic.

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