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Ontario Systems Acquires SwervePay

Introducing Single-Source, Streamlined Consumer Payments

Workflow Automation to Reduce Costs and Accelerate Cash Flow

The Leader in Receivables Management Technology

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Raise patient satisfaction, and reduce days outstanding with solutions for healthcare’s most-pressing revenue challenges

Accounts Receivable Management

Seize on opportunities, cement your leadership with software for compliant receivables management


Automate receivables operations and dramatically increase revenue with software from an experienced partner

Accelerate your success

Our customers are leaders, both emerging and established. Ontario Systems and Columbia Ultimate merged in 2016, with the brightest startups and established leaders in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Account Receivables Management (ARM) and government as important partners. Our customers define their industries and demand the best service and performance. Join them.

We support the people who drive our business

Our customers are smart, passionate people – So we’ve hired associates to match their expertise and innovative spirit. You-Powered Careers at OS mean true dedication to service, and to the client’s ultimate success.