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Accounts Receivable Management

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Play to the Strengths of Your Business’ Unique Processes

Our customers place technology at the foundation of their operations. That’s why we provide Add-Ons to meet the unique needs of your business and fuel your competitive advantage. Take command of your receivables strategy.


Ontario Omni™

Contact management suite of omnichannel solutions, including Omni Voice™, Omni Virtual™, Omni Text™, and Omni Portal™

Ontario Reports™

Sophisticated reporting that enables more effective business decisions for you and your board

Ontario Correspond™

High-quality letter services enabled by a feature-rich interface and in-house IT and development

Complaint Tracker™

Tackle CFPB compliance, corrective action and complaint resolution with one powerful tool

Ontario Pay™ Merchant Services

Efficient, reliable, integrated payment processing – enhanced security, convenience, and compliance

Ontario Pay™ | Payment Service

The Ontario Pay™ Payment Service captures and processes consumer payments and feeds your Ontario Systems receivables management systems as they manage accounts and the business processes surrounding payments, thereby taking your system out of scope for PCI.

Get to Know Your Ideal Dialer, Inside and Out

For many collection agencies, asset purchasers, law firms, and healthcare offices, business lives and breathes with the dialer. That means examining your entire collections effort – Ready to learn?