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Evolved Compliance Solutions for Accounts Receivable Management Leaders

Client demands, government policy and industry regulation make for big challenges to profitability – but we can help you find the answers. Rozanne Andersen explains how to bring your operations to new heights and enhance your compliance programs in the process in her ebook, 10 Steps to CFPB Readiness.

Vision, Education, Advocacy, Advice

A long-time advocate for the industry, Rozanne Andersen’s passion may stem from government affairs, but it’s the people and her devotion to helping them process, understand and navigate the complexities of the industry that continue to keep her so vested in this business.

Nail Electronic Payment Compliance with These 7 Simple Steps

Many credit issuers, ARM agencies, debt buyers and healthcare providers struggle with their electronic payments policy because they lack a fundamental understanding of the principles and terminology associated with the process. But don’t despair, the basics are less complicated than you might expect. Rozanne Andersen reviews the fundamentals behind electronic payments in her latest ebook.

ARM Leaders: Get to Know the Cost of Compliance

ARM agencies, debt purchasers and collection law firms have spent the last several years pouring money into their compliance programs without fully understanding which investments really work. In this webinar replay, Rozanne Andersen, CJ Clingler and Amy Kennedy lead a discussion around Ontario Systems’ first-ever Cost of Compliance Survey, along with guest speakers Nicole Perkins, Rodney Meeks, and John Bedard.

6 Progressions in Telephony and Compliance Could Define Your Receivables This Year

With a new administration in the Federal government, new industry challenges to tackle and new tools to meet them, receivables leaders have to determine which developments really matter to our industry, and where to place our attention and resources as the year goes on. In this blog article, Dan Womack highlights six issues that will define the receivables landscape this year.