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Product Overview

Time-sensitive and critical documents require the utmost care in their handling and shouldn’t be divided among multiple systems and services. So when it comes to finding a single partner who can respond to your correspondence needs efficiently and effectively, choose a provider with the history and in-house IT staff to back you up.

Ontario Correspond Data Sheet


  • Robust standard functionality, with options for custom development
  • Data receipt and integrity checking
  • Merge, purge, scrub, and do-not-mail
  • Postal pre-sort
  • Full variable composition
  • Archiving and presentation
  • Custom business rules
  • SLA management, with average time from data receipt to print in under 10 minutes


  • Volume discounts
  • Validated addresses with a built-in address filter to remove invalid addresses by scanning for bad address signals
  • Weekly updates that include the number of letters mailed and postage expense
  • Knowledgeable Client Care representatives to help with letter setup and formatting
  • Accurate and timely letter changes

Cam Credits Achieves Zero Mailing Errors Resulting in Data Breach

Natalie Goodnight, owner at the six-person operation Cam Credits wanted more peace-of-mind with a system designed to mitigate risk and maintain compliance automatically. She found it with Ontario Correspond, high-quality letter services enabled by a feature-rich interface and in-house IT.

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