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Ontario Reports™

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Product Overview

Financial leaders working to achieve improvements in productivity, cost savings and increased cash recoveries need detailed reports along with trending dashboards to manage the success of these continued improvement initiatives. By having a complete reporting tool, revenue cycle leaders put better understanding, more effective decision-making and demonstrable compliance within their reach.

Ontario Reports Data Sheet


  • Provide business office statistics, including account rep call metrics and worked contacts
  • Analyze inbound calls and account rep call statistics
  • Track status and balance on each account
  • Generate dialer reports and listings
  • Track claim denials and revenue recovery
  • Create interactive maps, dashboards, and advanced charts and graphs
  • Schedule views to refresh anytime


  • Fewer dollars and hours spent on robust reporting
  • Improvements in agent productivity
  • Better performance and decision-making reducing cost
  • More-informed executives and board members
  • Easy migration of existing reports to highly-visual presentation

ARM Agency Advances Its Reporting Light Years—with a 5-Minute Install

With 5.8 million account records and a fast-growing client base, Asset Recovery Group struggled with limited reporting capabilities. Then came Ontario Reports™, a seamless integration with ARG’s FACS® application, that made sophisticated reporting easy. Timely insights and operational gains unleashed the team—and changed everything.

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