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ARM Solutions for Today’s Challenges

Kick Your Receivables Into High Gear with These Innovative Platforms and Tools 

The Industry’s Most Advanced Accounts Receivable Management Solutions

For 40+ years, our simple, scalable technologies have helped third-party collectors recover more at less cost and effectively manage increasingly complex business risks and market challenges. Our offerings are designed to help you fuel growth with a more efficient, powerful, compliant operation and improved business insights while you enjoy a world-class client and user experience.

Meet Your Accounts Receivable Challenges With Precision

Collection Platforms

Artiva RM™

Our Artiva RM™ workflow automation platform is the foundation of our all-in-one collections ecosystem, helping you improve efficiency and recovery while navigating regulatory and market changes with ease.

Artiva HC™

The Artiva HC™ platform is the preferred receivables management software for healthcare collection agencies, using business rule automation to help speed cash recovery and improve service quality.


Successful collection agencies have relied on the FACS® platform for more than 35 years. This pioneering product helps ARM operations run smoothly and reliably and improve their productivity, performance, and profits.

The Collector System®

The Collector System® enterprise product offers outstanding flexibility, productivity, and visibility, with automated processes and tools that streamline workflows and create new channels for data access and reporting.

Collection Add-Ons

What advanced functionality are you missing? What aspects of your collections process are burdening your team? We have add-ons that can fill crucial gaps in your operation and improve your top and bottom lines.

Each of these add-ons is built to operate seamlessly as part of our holistic, intelligent, “one stop” collections ecosystem, making them easy to implement, deploy, and use—without complicating compliance.


Pairity® is the ARM industry’s only “explainable” AI (xAI) technology that continuously recalculates propensity to pay and best time to contact. With Pairity, you can refine your contact strategies 24/7 to boost recovery with fewer contacts.


Our unified payment engagement and processing platform is deeply embedded in the collections workflow. You’ll enjoy faster payments without the compliance and security gaps inherent in a multi-vendor payment process.

Omni Voice™

Our Omni Voice™ solution is a SaaS dialer offering that includes fully automated inbound/outbound, IVR, and messaging capabilities. Users can scale dialing capacity as needed, detect answering machines with precision, automate bad number removal, route inbound contacts to the right agent, and more.

Ontario Omni™

Contact management suite of omnichannel solutions, including Omni Voice™, Omni Virtual™, Omni Text™, Omni Portal™, and SwervePay®

Ontario Reports™

Produce and disseminate sophisticated, detailed reports in minutes, not hours, with this easy-to-use reporting tool that offers a full range of customization options.

Ontario Correspond™

Send accurate, customized, high-quality letters with ease from a single platform—with the assurance your critical and time-sensitive documents are being handled with care.


Connect with our partners to learn more about the products and services they offer specifically for our ARM industry clients.

Collection Agency Unlocks $10,000+ in Payments in the First Three Weeks

After nearly 30 years in business, Beacon Services, LLC had grown to serve a wide range of clients. But the agency’s inability to accept ACH and credit card payments made it increasingly difficult to collect. Consumers who wanted to make convenient electronic payments weren’t able to—and, in many cases, lost interest in settling their debts.

Beacon had all but given up on finding a suitable payment processing partner. Then they learned about SwervePay®. After a simple upgrade, the agency was off and running—with a massive surge in new payments and a more streamlined operation.

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