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ARM Solutions for Today’s Challenges

Kick Your Receivables Into High Gear with These Innovative Platforms and Tools 

The Industry’s Most Advanced Accounts Receivable Management Solutions

For 40+ years, our simple, scalable technologies have helped third-party collectors recover more at less cost and effectively manage increasingly complex business risks and market challenges. Our offerings are designed to help you fuel growth with a more efficient, powerful, compliant operation and improved business insights while you enjoy a world-class client and user experience.

Collection Platforms

Collection Tools

Artiva RM™

Our Artiva RM™ workflow automation platform is the foundation of our all-in-one collections ecosystem, helping you improve efficiency and recovery while navigating regulatory and market changes with ease.

Omni Voice™

Omni Voice™ solutions are SaaS dialer offerings that include fully automated inbound/outbound, IVR, and messaging capabilities. The solutions allow you to scale dialing capacity as needed, detect answering machines with precision, automate bad number removal, route inbound contacts to the right collector, and more.

Artiva HC™

The Artiva HC™ product is the leading receivable management software for healthcare collection agencies, helping to optimize business rule automation, enhance customer service and recover cash faster.


SwervePay® is a unified payment engagement platform that speeds payments, reduces costs, and strengthens compliance.


Successful agencies have used this pioneering product for more than 35 years – A tightly-integrated package that has helped run ARM operations smoothly and reliably, and increase productivity, performance and profits.


Our customers use our enterprise products to build foundations for success. Add ons take you to the next level with sophisticated solutions that create efficiencies for a more competitive advantage.

The Collector System®

The Collector System® enterprise product offers outstanding flexibility, productivity and visibility with tools designed to optimize workflow, automate processes and create new channels for data access and reporting.


Connect with our partners to learn more about the products and services they offer specifically for our ARM industry clients.

No Other Receivables Management System Comes Close

Most integrated receivables management systems are just that—integrated. If you’re operating with a patchwork of bolt-on solutions and functionalities that don’t talk to each other in real time, you could be courting serious compliance and data security risks.

Find Out What an ARM Ecosystem Can Help You Achieve

Discover the Industry’s Only Collections System with AI-Driven Workflow, Embedded Payments, Real-Time Compliance Safeguards, and Omnichannel Consumer Engagement