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Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts Receivable Management Solutions

Operations focused on Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) realize greater success and dollars recovered when they evolve with the technology, consumer behavior and legal requirements in their industries. Gain the agility you need to serve and grow in a challenging market.


Artiva RM™

Innovative ARM operations use the Artiva RM™ product to increase recoveries, more efficiently and survive tightening budgets, regulatory pressure and heavier service demands. Break free of obsolete practices and tools and move forward.

Contact Savvy®

Maximize results with cloud-based Contact Savvy® contact management solutions, enabling smarter, higher volume, scalable dialing with managed IT resources and enhanced insight into outbound and inbound campaigns.


Successful agencies have used this pioneering product for more than 35 years – A tightly-integrated package that has helped run ARM operations smoothly and reliably, and increase productivity, performance and profits.

The Collector System®

The Collector System® enterprise product offers outstanding flexibility, productivity and visibility with tools designed to optimize workflow, automate processes and create new channels for data access and reporting.

Artiva HC™

The Artiva HC™ product is the leading receivable management software for healthcare collection agencies, helping to optimize business rule automation, enhance customer service and recover cash faster.


Our customers use our enterprise products to build foundations for success. Add ons take you to the next level with sophisticated solutions that create efficiencies for a more competitive advantage.


Connect with our partners to learn more about the products and services they offer specifically for our ARM industry clients.

Ontario Systems – Legendary Services for the ARM Industry

For 35+ years, Ontario Systems customers have led the ARM industry with technology and services that turn receivables into revenue and compliance challenges into advantages. We can help you maximize your competitive advantage with proven platforms that scale easily to accommodate growth, while increasing productivity and speeding up recovery timeframes.

Quickly boost profitability by increasing yield per collector. Enhance client relationships with comprehensive reports demonstrating effective strategies and methodologies. Our clients – the brightest in the industry – have helped us develop and deliver the most innovative tech-driven solutions to the market. Let us show you how through our ARM Industry products, services and add-ons.

Compliance to the Core

Our products evolve to stay current with CFPB regulation, TCPA interpretation, and dozens of other laws and mandates from both government and industry. In addition to technologies, we offer a full suite of services to assess readiness.