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Artiva RM™

ARM’s Leading Integrated Workflow Solution
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Product Overview

The Artiva RM™ technology enables workflow design and automation for rapid response to changing business conditions including growth, regulation and service demands. Flexible, scalable and built for the industry’s leading agencies and debt purchasers, the Artiva RM solution helps you maintain compliance and sustained margins.

Artiva RM Data Sheet

Artiva RM Brochure

“Combining the system’s workflow automation with our analytics and know-how has helped us create very strong, compliant performance.”

Chad Lemke, Chief Operating Officer
Array Services Group


  • Automate follow-up segmentation and distribution for internal review
  • Define data flow through the system and deliver reports modified to your own business rules
  • Gain electronic payment processions, client/vendor statements, invoices and historical transaction auditing
  • Prioritize accounts with a greater propensity to pay for your representatives
  • Leverage integrated connections and services provided by leading industry vendors


  • Modify the User Interface (UI) and control workflows yourself
  • Extend your database and more with a user-configurable toolset
  • Gain greater flexibility and control, and identify trends before they become problems
  • Minimize your account representatives’ training time
  • Make important business decisions with confidence

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