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Our Legacy ARM Solution

Product Overview

A precursor to our flagship Artiva RM® solution, this pioneering Ontario Systems product helped ARM industry leaders attain higher recovery rates, identify and work accounts and reduce cost to collect for over 35 years. We still service this industry standard, with a modular structure that seamlessly integrates with a variety of additional technology.

“We needed a solution with the flexibility to allow for quick, agile changes in strategy, and Ontario Systems was the consistent answer.”

Dave Hoeft, Founder
Phoenix Financial Services

Debt Collection Payment Portals are Communications Under the FDCPA

Consumer attorneys have found a new weakness in the debt collector’s compliance armor: consumer-facing websites. As debt collectors increase their use of and reliance on consumer-facing websites to support their collection efforts and facilitate payments, the number of consumer lawsuits claiming these websites violate the FDCPA are also increasing. In this blog by Rozanne Andersen – Chief Compliance Officer at Ontario Systems – she provides practitioner tips and key takeaways for debt collectors.

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