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Omni Voice™

Cloud-based Contact Management
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Product Overview

Omni Voice™ solutions are SaaS dialer offerings that include fully automated inbound/outbound, IVR, and messaging capabilities. The solutions allow you to scale dialing capacity as needed, detect answering machines with precision, automate bad number removal, route inbound contacts to the right collector, and more.

With Omni Voice, you’ll better optimize your collectors’ time and performance, transforming both your workflows and your recovery rates.

Omni Voice™ Data Sheet

Ontario Omni™ MCS Data Sheet

“We’re seeing increased dialing capacity, improved contact rates, and the fees our collectors are generating have increased from 30 to 35%.”

Mark Boich, Operations Manager
JP Recovery Services


  • Options for manual, power and predictive dialing campaigns
  • Functionality to throttle by key parameters (hold time, abandon, etc.)
  • Launch calls by clicking a number on-screen, numeral-by-numeral entry, or “push” command from the account rep’s desktop
  • Answering machine detection, text-to-speech and IVR on every line
  • Fully-blended inbound and outbound dialing campaign support with multiple inbound routes
  • Integrated cell phone consent and scrubbing functionality
  • Credit card number masking when recording account rep calls
  • Compliance tools, including Call History, to assist with state and federal calling restrictions
  • Account rep conversation management, including whisper, monitor, barge-in and commandeer


  • Reduce cost of ownership by leveraging hardware hosted at our facilities
  • Raise account rep efficiency with a familiar browser and user interface
  • Match the ebb, flow and growth of your business with scalable technology, and an absence of “per-seat” license restrictions
  • Increase connect rates and reduce answering machines sent to account reps
  • Retain critical business controls while continuing to dial cell phones manually
  • Enhance call result reporting, and reduce bad number redials
  • Gain insight, analysis and proactive advice to optimize contact technology and staff
  • Improve dialing compliance with sophisticated tools

Number Registration & Trusted Entity Certification

Ontario Systems has partnered with Numeracle to help shield call centers from telecom carriers’ labeling and blocking activities. With Number Registration, Trusted Entity Certification, and visibility into how your calls are being graded and labeled, you can tackle the problem at its source and eliminate a major barrier to consumer engagement and account resolution. Download the data sheet to learn more.

Keeping ‘Business-As-Usual’ in an Evolved Communications Landscape

Today’s contact management systems help even the highest-volume operations keep outbound initiatives efficient. Maintain profitable compliance across your business, and take the next step with this ebook from Rip Harris.