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Collect Like Clockwork with SwervePay®

Discover the Most Efficient, Secure Payments Solution in Accounts Receivable Management
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Eliminate Your Biggest Costs, Delays, and Risks with a Single-Vendor Payment Process

SwervePay is a unified payment collection solution that allows your ARM agency to accept and manage payments with ease. As sole owner of the gateway, processing, and application itself, Ontario Systems controls, maintains, and supports the entire payment process. This translates to simplified pricing, streamlined operations, faster innovation, and enhanced compliance and security.

Embedded Payments: Part of the ARM Industry’s Only Holistic, Intelligent, End-to-End Collections Ecosystem

    • Because it’s deeply embedded within your collections platform, the Ontario payments solutions provides a single user interface and automatic real-time account updates for optimal efficiency and improved PCI DSS and TCPA compliance.
    • By processing payments entirely within your platform, you’ll eliminate the risk of hacker intrusions and data breaches.
    • Omnichannel payment engagement offers a better consumer experience and improved collection results.
      • With the entire payment process under single-vendor control, you’ll enjoy 99.999% gateway reliability, hassle-free support, and faster innovation.
      • Same-day funding options mean you’ll get paid faster.
      • Your underwriting process will shrink from weeks to days.

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Discover How Easy It Is to Make Consumer Payments Simpler, Safer, and More Profitable.

From the Front Line to the Back Office, ARM Agency Sees Unprecedented Gains

“We’ve had good experiences with other card vendors. But our collectors, cashiers, and controller love SwervePay. The next time someone calls and asks us to switch vendors, I’ll have to say no. I don’t ever want to change.” — Alan DeHaven, Chief Financial Officer, Accelerated Receivables Solutions

What Are Consumer Payments Really Costing You?

Capturing and processing consumer payments can be a huge expense and make revenue recovery more challenging. This is particularly true if you’re relying on one vendor for payment engagement/capture, another for the gateway, and another for payment processing.