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The Ontario Systems Payments Solution

Process Payments Safely and Seamlessly—Right Within Your Collections Workflow
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Eliminate Your Biggest Costs, Delays, and Risks with an Embedded Payment Process

With the Ontario Systems Payments Solution, you can accept and manage payments with ease and improve the consumer financial experience. Our payments solution is deeply embedded in and designed to work with you core collections platform, allowing you to accelerate payments while significantly reducing your risk of noncompliant consumer contacts, data breaches, and errors.

Embedded Payments: Part of Our Expanding All-in-One ARM Ecosystem

You’ll realize the value of embedded payments in many ways, but it all adds up to fewer operating burdens, lower costs, increased revenue, and happier consumers.

The Ontario Systems Payments Solution provides a single user interface and automatic real-time account updates for optimal efficiency and reduced PCI compliance risk, with consumer and payment data staying safely within the system.

Our solution combines embedded payment processing with consumer-preferred digital financial engagement tools (email, text, and portal) powered by RevSpring.

Because our solution maintains direct connections to all card brands and ACH networks as well as control of underwriting, billing, pricing, and settlements, you'll benefit from frictionless account approvals, enhanced reconciliation, cost transparency, and faster funding, along with hassle-free support.

The Ontario Systems Payment Solution includes an optional Consumer Payment Fee Program ("Program"). Using this Program, you can reduce or eliminate costs associated with processing credit and debit card payments. Consumers who expressly agree will be charged a separate processing fee by Ontario Systems for the convenience of paying you by credit or debit card.

Process Consumer Payments Safely and Compliantly, Without Ever Leaving Your Collections Platform

With embedded payments from Ontario Systems, you’ll have the entire payments process under control—and under one roof. Here’s how our payments solution stacks up against the typical multi-vendor payment process.

Discover How Easy It Is to Make Consumer Payments Simpler, Safer, and More Profitable.

From the Front Line to the Back Office, ARM Agency Sees Unprecedented Gains

“We’ve had good experiences with other card vendors. But our collectors, cashiers, and controller love SwervePay. The next time someone calls and asks us to switch vendors, I’ll have to say no. I don’t ever want to change.” — Alan DeHaven, Chief Financial Officer, Accelerated Receivables Solutions

What Are Consumer Payments Really Costing You?

Offering consumers convenient payment options by phone, text, and portal is crucial to maximizing revenue recovery. But when multiple vendors are involved in the payment process, the associated costs and risks can be significant.