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Unified Payment Engagement Platform
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Product Overview

SwervePay is a unified payment collection solution that allows your ARM agency to accept and manage payments with ease. As sole owner of the gateway, processing, and application itself, SwervePay controls, maintains, and supports the entire payment process. This translates to simplified pricing, streamlined operations, faster innovation, and enhanced compliance and security.

SwervePay  Data Sheet

See How SwervePay Can Speed Payments and Lower Costs


  • Same-day funding options eliminate the need to float credit card and ACH deposits
  • Bank identification number (BIN) and card lookups* allow collectors to easily comply with clients’ card restrictions
  • Refund and void functionality* eliminates the need for multiple screens, websites, and tools
  • Consumer Payment Fee** model allows collectors to pass processing fees onto consumers who value instant payment methods
  • Arrangement Saver* allows recurring payment plans continue without interruption due to an expiring credit card on long-running payment arrangements
  • Payment request texting* allows direct payment by text response or through a unique link without the need for login credentials or app download

*Planned Feature
**Live in The Collector System® (TCS)


  • Reduce the costs of managing multiple vendors and accelerate innovation with one vendor
  • Provide a single source for customer support and allow your collection team to address any payment-related issue
  • Allow consumers to make payments quickly and easily from mobile devices through omnichannel payment engagement
  • Improve reliability with 99.999% uptime on gateway
  • Simplify and shorten the underwriting process from weeks/months to days
  • Reduce errors and cut the time spent reconciling and approving deposits through simplified merchant processing statement and fee rates

What Are Consumer Payments Really Costing You?

Capturing and processing consumer payments can be a huge expense and make revenue recovery more challenging. This is particularly true if you’re relying on one vendor for payment engagement/capture, another for the gateway, and another for payment processing.

Discover how easy it is to make consumer payments simpler, safer, and more profitable through a unified, end-to-end payment process.

What Does It Take to Win Big in the ARM Market?

ARM market challenges, and ongoing efforts to meet them, can make it tough for businesses to compete. A simpler, less costly approach to tech can change the game entirely. Learn more — download the free ebook today.