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The Collector System®

One of the Most Trusted Collections Systems in the Industry

Product Overview

The Collector System® (TCS) is our award-winning receivables tracking and management system. It simplifies and automates tasks to make collections easier, faster and more compliant, with timely enhancements that accommodate our clients’ constantly evolving business requirements.

“We’ve experienced a 7-9% lift. Those numbers combined with the overall ease-of-use and outstanding client service made our growing pains disappear.”

John Kim, Executive Vice President

Want to Compete Like an LMP?

If you’re a small- or mid-sized agency, you might feel like the deck is stacked against you. To get the resources you need to meet compliance demands, you need to win over high-volume clients. The right technology can help you do that. Here’s your game plan…

Client Center

Are you a current TCS client looking for additional tools and resources? Sign in to our client center for access to information that can help you troubleshoot issues, learn about new products and services and much more.