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Amy Kennedy

Amy Kennedy

Senior Director

Amy Kennedy is a long-time veteran of Ontario Systems and the markets we serve. Having held many critical roles in product development, support, onboarding, professional services, and product management, Amy has enlarged and enriched many of our products and services. As Senior Director of Emerging Technologies, Amy looks to the future, articulating plans to embrace new technologies to solve problems and create opportunities for our customers.

Posts by Amy Kennedy

AI in Receivables: Understanding the Background, Data, Computing Power and Application

At the ACA Annual Convention & Expo in Nashville this year, attendees and presenters were frequently heard discussing how artificial intelligence (AI) would apply to the ARM industry. Even though AI concepts have been around since just after World War II, the...

The Time is Ripe for Your Move to a First-Party Business Model

  Lately, many agency executives have created new opportunities for their businesses by offering to work in the name of their creditor clients under a first-party model. That’s because since 2012, the ARM and healthcare revenue cycle industries have put a tight...