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Brett Sivits

Brett Sivits

Client Executive

As a client executive with Ontario Systems, Brett Sivits has leveraged more than 15 years in the collections industry as an operations director, manager, and consultant to help customers take advantage of new technology, adapt to changing regulatory compliance, and evolve their training and analytics. Brett currently works with government agencies, where he has an intricate knowledge of their unique needs as well as solutions to the important issues they face in funding community programs.

Posts by Brett Sivits

Efficient, Compelling Communication With Baby Boomers is All About Choice

  Professional communication, especially about sensitive financial matters, requires planning, positioning, and analysis. Those best at building positive relationships understand how both they and the person with whom they’re speaking process information....

Use These 3 Tactics in Your Government Receivables Program to Satisfy Balances with Behavioral Economics

  Walk into any Costco and you will learn two important lessons: Oreos can (and do) come in enormous packages. Costco is designed as a fully-integrated selling machine. From the parking lot to the bakery, the Costco Store is designed to entice you to buy. And...

5 Ways to Enhance Your Victim Restitution for Direct Community Benefit

  Lately, victim restitution has become a higher priority for many of those working in government receivables, as judges order it more and more often, and as media attention makes the practice an often-talked-about political issue locally. As the practice becomes...