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Dan Womack

Dan Womack

Director of Engineering

Dan Womack is the Director of Product Engineering, overseeing product development, quality assurance, and technical communications for Ontario Systems ARM products. Dan has a passion for improvement and innovation, and for 15 years has worked to build and enhance solution offerings for members of the collection industry. He is responsible for the execution of Ontario Systems’ strategic and tactical product initiatives, while maintaining strong quality and documentation and a firm commitment to security and compliance.

Posts by Dan Womack

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Automate These 3 Parts of Your Account Workflow

  Now that you’ve run your A/B testing, listened to your agents, and established clear account segments, it’s time for the real automation to begin. Using these three methods to identify your best tactics (analyzing them from day 3 through 96 for example), you...

Use These 3 Methods to Make Your Best Account Tactics Your Only Tactics

  Your organization’s workflows are likely automated to the point that your agents may not be making many decisions about account treatment – But those they do make have a big impact. Most agencies determine workflow before accounts are placed and set up in a...

These 6 Progressions in Telephony and Compliance Could Define Your Receivables This Year

So, we’re more than 6 weeks into 2017. We have a new administration developing in the Federal government, new industry challenges to tackle, and new tools to meet them. The time has come to discuss which developments really matter to our industry, and where to place...