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Customer Support

Your Connection to our Customer Service Portals

Our client service portals provide our customers with the latest resources regarding Ontario Systems’ products and services. These sites contain information such as:

  • The latest product release notes
  • A knowledge base filled with in-depth product material
  • Discussion forums
  • Access to log and view support issues

You must be an Ontario Systems client to access these portals. If you don’t already have a login, click the appropriate button below and register today to get started!

Ontario Systems Community

You can visit the Ontario Systems Community to log cases for support, collaborate with your peers and Ontario Systems employees in discussion topics and discussion groups, and review knowledge base articles and other documentation about your current products and services.

Product Support for Artiva HCx™, Artiva HC™, Artiva RM™, FACS®, Contact Savvy® and Guaranteed Contacts®: (765) 751-7200

Product Support for The Collector System®, RevQ®, ManageMed®, RPCS®, and Ajility®: (800) 488-4420

Additional Contact Information

Phone Numbers:

Ontario Systems Headquarters: 800.283.3227, 765.751.7000