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Omni Text ™

Integrate a Consumer-Preferred Contact Method into Your Strategy
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Product Overview

Omni Text™ expands your approach with a new option to reach consumers in their preferred channel – all tightly integrated within the current contact strategies in your collection system. This creates an ecosystem where consumers can be reached in complementary methods for a fully realized omnichannel strategy that has already experienced wide adoption in consumer financial services.

Omni Text™ Data Sheet


  • Initiate a text message from your application to a consumer
  • Track consumer consent and revocation within your application
  • Provide short codes that allow consumers to do self service through texting
  • Build and use text message templates for efficient, consistent messaging
  • Track texting attempts within your contact strategy, including managing bounce-backs
  • Manage text message frequency by state and capture history to stay compliant


  • Improve consumer contact by using preferred communication channels
  • Reduce agent time managing simple payment updates
  • Enhance your omnichannel strategy to be more competitive and retain clients
  • Stay compliant with rules and regulations for texting consent through state-by-state frequency limits

Ready to Text? Know the Compliance Requirements Before you Start

In this new eBook, Rozanne Andersen – Ontario Systems Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer – discusses all things text messaging, which has become consumers’ preferred communication method.  From definition to execution, you’ll move forward with a thorough understanding of a complicated industry topic, including:


  • The nuances of text messaging
  • Obtaining and managing consent
  • Drafting your terms and conditions
  • Interpreting recent litigation