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Government’s Automated Solution for More Compliant Collections
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Product Overview

The RevQ+® solution provides collection units within government offices nationwide — from large state governments to smaller local governments — with software and services that streamline your workflows and help you nurture a more compliant collections process. And with the solution’s online payment services, you’ll lower your burden of collecting and processing payments, while increasing revenue.

Whether your job is collecting delinquent court ordered debt, fiduciary higher education fees, income tax or property tax, the RevQ+ solution, which is powered by the RevQ® software, dramatically enhances your court’s current compliance, productivity, communications, and reimbursement efforts.

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RevQ+ Data Sheet

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“We have a much better idea of how effective we are and then we can adjust processes as needed. It’s not a guessing game any longer.”

Charmaine Daniels, Director of Student Accounts
Georgia State University


  • Manage your data and provide better insight on outcomes
  • Streamline workflows and automate as much as possible
  • Simplify and modernize your communication strategy
  • Nurture a more compliant collections process 
  • Lower your burden of collecting and processing payments through online payment services 
  • Improve oversight of OCAs
  • Recover more revenue and close the loop on fines, fees and judgments


  • Work Lists – Work accounts that need the most attention when they need it with user-defined, daily, weekly, or monthly lists.
  • Correspondence – Create, store and print Microsoft Word®-integrated, user-defined account information templates for customized letters, notices, statements, and legal documents.
  • Payment Options – Monitor payment history, prioritize and allocate funds, and take immediate action on individual accounts as needed.
  • Installation Options – Implement as a client/server application on-premise, or in the cloud as a subscription service.
  • Collection Outsourcing – Forward less-profitable accounts or cases to outside agencies automatically, for tighter focus on those with higher propensity to pay.
  • Interfacing – Maximize effectiveness and expedite case solutions with tightly integrated external receivables systems.

Take Steps Toward Improving Your Compliance Process and Increasing Collections Results

If you’re struggling with an inefficient compliance process that doesn’t collect enough from your constituents, you’re not alone. This is the #1 challenge facing courts today. In this ebook, learn about the steps you can take to nurture a more compliant process, and how it can dramatically improve your collections results.