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Nurture Compliance with Ease From Day One of Case Creation
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Communicate more effectively. Simplify the compliance process. Recover more revenues owed.

With RevQ+, you can do it all.


Many courts and government offices continue to rely solely on letters and phone calls to help responsible parties meet their financial obligations and resolve their cases. If your compliance process is similar, the demands on your staff likely outweigh the results you’re seeing.


In today’s digital age, a traditional compliance process—with its repetitive manual tasks and limited means of engagement—can make it difficult for public servants to fulfill their mission.


RevQ+ is a budget-neutral solution that automates compliance workflows and modernizes government communication strategies with text, email, online self-service tools, built-in skip tracing, robust reporting, analytics, and more. With the RevQ+ solution, you’ll alleviate staff burdens while ensuring consistent, reliable communications and a convenient, friction-free constituent experience.

The RevQ+ solution can help you change the way you operate, strengthen compliance, and transform your relationship with the public.


As a RevQ+ user, you’ll discover how easy it is to:


  • Nurture compliance starting on day one of case creation
  • Streamline workflows
  • Speed case resolution and improve revenue recovery
  • Minimize reliance on outside collection agencies
  • Manage data and meet reporting requirements

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For more detailed information, and a full overview of the RevQ+ solution’s features and benefits, download the data sheet.


With RevQ+, we’ll be able to meet our constituents’ needs with the utmost efficiency, quality, and transparency. We expect that RevQ+ will . . . automate the way we communicate with those who would benefit from hearing and understanding options that would keep their accounts from falling into a non-compliance status.

Karen E. Rushing, Clerk of the Circuit Court and County Comptroller
Sarasota County, Fla.

Watch this short video to learn what the RevQ+ compliance solution can do for your employees, your mission, and the people you serve.

The Case for a More Nurturing Approach to Compliance

The traditional ways many courts and government offices engage constituents and attempt to resolve cases is in dire need of change. In this ebook, “Rethinking Court Collections: How to Nurture Compliance with Ease and Improve Public Service,” Jeremy Rust explains the necessity and value of, and the means to achieving, a more nurturing compliance process.