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Product Overview

The RevQ® product provides collection units within government offices nationwide — from large state governments to smaller local governments — with software that simplifies every step of the collection process. Whether your job is collecting delinquent court ordered debt, fiduciary higher education fees, income tax or property tax, the RevQ software is the right solution.

RevQ Data Sheet

“We have a much better idea of how effective we are and then we can adjust processes as needed. It’s not a guessing game any longer.”

Charmaine Daniels, Director of Student Accounts
Georgia State University

Automated Collections. Easy and Effective.

  • Automated Work Lists – Work from your own user-defined, table-driven lists, produced automatically or on-demand, according to your preferences.
  • Automated Correspondence – Create, store and print Microsoft Word®-integrated, user-defined account information templates for customized letters, notices, statements, and legal documents.
  • Reporting – Customize user screens and reports for your specific needs, with views for account inventory and aging, collection history, payment plans, letters, and collector performance.
  • Integrated, automated dialer and IVR – Contact management solutions including automated and predictive dialers and interactive voice response systems for self serve account management.
  • Skip Tracing – Interface with other systems, and automatically request and receive up-to-date addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, and bankruptcy and deceased information.
  • Automated Work Flow – Predefined rules reduce the repetitive, time-consuming, and frustrating efforts needed to track, manage, and follow up on receivables.
  • Payment Plans – Post payments, and handle overpayments, adjustments, reversals, bad checks and more, all in one system.
  • Custom Payment Plans – Create custom payment plans quickly and easily for single or multiple debts per party.
  • Forwarding to Outside Collection Agencies – Forward less-profitable accounts or cases to outside agencies according to your preferences.
  • Web payment portal – easy-to-use online debtor payment portal for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year collection with options to pay in full, negotiate, or arrange a payment plan.
  • Management of joint and several accounts (co-responsibility) – Automatically link multiple debts to a single account, and import transactions cases and data from other systems and multiple formats.

Government collection needs vary state-to-state and we offer the following modules to meet your state’s unique requirements:

  • Victim Restitution
  • Tax Intercept (multiple states)
  • FTB/COD (California)
  • SB1863 (Texas)
  • DMV Stop (Virginia)
  • SB940/AB367 (California)
  • Lien Module
  • VEC (Virginia)

Increase Collections with RevQ® Tax Intercept Module

The Tax Intercept module, offered through the RevQ technology, is a seamlessly integrated feature that increases recovery opportunities with tools that automatically submit requests to state tax agencies to have a debtor’s tax refund intercepted in pursuit of unpaid debts. Learn more about how the RevQ product’s Tax Intercept module can improve your collections.