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Courts across the U.S. are in a bind when it comes to the collection practices they’ve relied on for decades. As cost concerns, administrative burdens, and mounting public pressure continue to bear down, court clerks and administrators are coming to terms with a longstanding problem: compliance is a net loss for the court.

The question isn’t whether change is needed. The question is, how can courts significantly improve collections, and do it in a sustainable way?

The ideal compliance process might appear, to many courts, to be pie in the sky. But getting there doesn’t require an army of new court employees. It doesn’t require a lot of time or resources. And it needn’t disrupt current systems or create training headaches.

It simply requires automation beyond what many case management platforms offer—specifically, a tech solution that’s dedicated to managing data in real time, making collection tasks easier, and streamlining the compliance process for courts and constituents alike.

The Game Changer: A Cost-Neutral Solution that Doesn’t Disrupt

For courts that want to break free from traditional compliance hassles and improve their results, there’s a surprisingly simple fix: a local- or cloud-based software platform that reflects current outside collection agency (OCA) and account receivables management (ARM) requirements, standards, and practices. The platform boosts efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously by eliminating repetitive tasks and bringing high-value accounts into focus.

Because it integrates and interfaces with existing systems (case management, external receivables, etc.), the platform requires minimal training and human intervention. It’s also budget neutral, funded by credit card processing fees many consumers are accustomed to paying. In fact, by improving collections in house before the point in the process where accounts are turned over to OCAs, the platform actually lowers operating costs long term.

Tech-Enabled Capabilities that Boost Revenue with Ease

Centralization of data, expanded functionality, and intuitive, easy-to-use tools offer court personnel unprecedented visibility and control. The effect is transformational, both behind the curtain and at every touchpoint along the constituent’s journey.

With better insights and a reduced workload, employees can focus their efforts on accounts with the highest potential value. The natural result is a better outcome for the court (lower costs, more revenue captured, swifter adjudication) and a better-served constituency.

Simplified Data Management
Customizable user dashboards and real-time updates allow court employees to monitor account statuses and payments so that accounts don’t fall through the cracks. Automatic skip tracing ensures court employees have defendants’ most recent contact information, identifying information, and legal status.

Streamlined Workflows
Court employees can create custom work lists, produced automatically or on demand, to prioritize accounts and intervene when needed. Automation of account tracking, follow-up, payment processing and adjustments, reporting, and OCA referrals helps ensure a smooth, consistent collections process that preserves court resources.

Appropriate, Consistent, Timely Service
Event-triggered omnichannel communication is one of the most important advantages of a tech-powered compliance process. Court personnel can engage defendants right away, when payment is most likely. They can also set up event triggers for notices and reminders depending on constituents’ preferences, and create, store, and print templates for customized written correspondence.

Automation also makes it easier for defendants to comply. They can use online self-service portals and tools to set up payment plans and make payments, greatly reducing the need for direct contact with the court. Employees, freed by automation, are better positioned to help when support is needed.

Want to See the Ideal Compliance Process in Action?

Learn more about what automated collections can do to enhance your compliance process, or get a firsthand look by requesting a free RevQ® demo. You’ll learn what many courts and government institutions have already discovered: the immense value of doing more with less.


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Nurture Compliance with Efficiency and Ease

If you’re looking to bring compliance processes up to speed for better service and results, get started today with a free demo of our government collection solutions. You’ll see right away what leading-edge technology and dedicated support can help you achieve.

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