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Whether you’re a longtime subscriber or an occasional reader, you probably know what to expect from the Ontario Systems blog. Over the past five years, we’ve done our best to tackle complex industry issues, challenge norms, and offer expert advice for improving collections operations.

Our contributing authors have many years’ experience in collections, service, technology, and law. Our team is passionate about helping you make sense of the ever-changing world in which you operate so you can strengthen and grow your enterprise. As tech innovators who are devoted to solving high-level, mission-critical challenges, we want to empower you to be more compliant, efficient, and successful on a daily basis.

Our goal for the blog hasn’t changed. But our vision for it has. Going forward, we want the OS blog to be even more practical, specific, and useful to you. That’s why we’re introducing the next iteration of the Ontario Systems blog (we’ll call it version 2.0.)


A Hearty Mix of High-Level Views, Plus Tactics & Tools

Version 2.0 of the OS blog will look a lot like its predecessor. We’ll continue publishing the same types of content we always have. We’ll do our usual dives into the most pressing issues and ask thought-provoking questions. We’ll analyze events and trends and what they mean for you.

And, as always, we’ll share our opinions freely and listen closely to readers who join in the conversation.

From time to time, however, we’ll give the floor to our product leaders, innovators, and researchers—the people who are working in the trenches on existing and future products to solve the issues you face every day. We want to provide you with as much useful information as possible, and we hope you’ll find value in learning about our distinct approach to solving industry challenges, why it matters, and the solutions we’re working on that offer clear competitive and operational advantages.

When a pioneering concept is about to hit the market, or we’re working on product changes that will enhance users’ capabilities and ROI, we think it’s worth sharing for the benefit of our readers.


What to Look for in the Weeks Ahead

Over the next few weeks, we’ll introduce a couple new blog series as well as some individual posts that explore largely untapped cost-saving, revenue-driving opportunities for ARM companies, healthcare providers, and others. We’ll highlight common industry practices that could be holding you back. We’ll also explain how we approach these problems, along with specific ways you can accelerate operational and market gains with our products.

The ARM “Ecosystem”
For ARM businesses struggling with regulatory issues and rising costs, some of the biggest barriers to success are the least obvious. Is innovation to blame? Depending on how it’s implemented, technologies can actually hamper business growth. We’ll explain why, and why we believe an ARM “ecosystem” is indispensable.

Bringing Accountability to Healthcare RCM
Large healthcare networks and providers are feeling the pinch from all sides, from shrinking reimbursements to rising labor costs. A strong RCM cycle is essential for viability and growth. We’ll reveal the simple fix that eliminates the “EHR gap” and empowers collection teams to achieve superior performance and results.

Cloud-Based Contact Management
We have exciting announcements coming about the Ontario Omni™ cloud-based contact management solution. Texting, email, consumer portal—all of these and more are on the horizon.


We Want to Hear From You, the Experts We Serve

What are your biggest priorities and most urgent problems? What types of topics would you like us to address? We want to make the OS blog a more valuable resource for our readers. Please help us by sharing your concerns and ideas.


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Disclaimer: Ontario Systems is a technology company and provides this blog article solely for general informational and marketing purposes. You should not rely on the content of this material for any other purpose or as specific guidance for your company. Ontario Systems’ advice, services, tools and products described herein do not guarantee compliance with any law or industry standard. You are ultimately responsible for your own company’s actions and compliance efforts. Because everyone’s situation is different, you must consult your own attorneys, accountants, and/or other advisors to obtain specific advice on your company’s compliance, legal, tax, regulatory and/or other business needs. Despite Ontario Systems’ efforts to provide current and up-to-date information, you need to recognize that the information contained herein may become outdated quickly and may contain errors and/or other inaccuracies.

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Posted by Casey Stanley

Casey Stanley, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, has more than 15 years of combined experience with Ontario Systems in sales, marketing and product management. Connecting our corporate activities to business outcomes, his teams formulate new product strategies, create lead generation, and drive branding and creative services efforts. His go-to-market experience in the banking and finance spaces in the United States and United Kingdom offer a unique perspective to his company and leadership team. Casey earned a B.S. from Miami University (Ohio) in Business and Management Information Systems.
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