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Company’s Pioneering Approach Helps Businesses Manage Collection Activity Restrictions With Precision


MUNCIE, Ind. (February 19, 2020) – Ontario Systems, a leading provider of enterprise software that automates complex workflows and accelerates revenue recovery for clients in the healthcare, accounts receivable management (ARM), and government markets, has received a patent for its unique approach to managing multiple sources of collection restrictions.


On December 3, 2019, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded Ontario Systems patent no.10,497,054 B2 for its system and method of tracking and applying multiple layers of collection restrictions and making them available to agents, while selectively allowing and recording overrides as needed. The inventors listed on the patent are Senior Director of Innovation Amy Kennedy, Lead Software Engineer Megan Jones, Senior Product Manager Beth Waters, Lead Software Engineer Dwayne Lott, and Lead Software Engineer Chris Repp.


“This new approach changes the way businesses address their compliance needs with a complex and often conflicting set of requirements, restrictions, and regulations related to how they contact consumers,” Kennedy says. “The feature set we’ve developed based on this innovation allows collection systems and agents to apply the rules appropriately in real-world situations.”


The original patent application was filed in 2015. Since then, Kennedy, Vice President and General Counsel Alex Forman, and other Ontario Systems employees have worked diligently to perfect the patent with the help of Russ Fowler, Partner with patent attorney firm Maginot, Moore & Beck, LLP.


“This is something entirely new in the world of collections,” Waters says. “Rather than managing compliance by identifying the most restrictive rule and applying it evenly, our approach allows businesses to manage compliance more precisely and thus operate more flexibly.”


Ontario Systems’ first patent (no. 8,335,740 B2) was awarded in 2012 for Strategy Commander, a feature that improves operational effectiveness by visualizing business processes and exception handling in a single graphical tool, including champion-challenger functionality to allow businesses to make improvements safely.


“As the collections industry moves rapidly toward automated digital communications, compliance management is becoming a bigger challenge and, in many cases, an impediment to growth,” says Ontario Systems Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Michael Wolfe. “As innovators, we will continue to push the boundaries in our efforts to help businesses reduce their compliance burdens and risks and achieve the success they envision.”


About Ontario Systems
Established in 1980, Ontario Systems is a leading provider of enterprise software designed to improve operations and revenue recovery for clients in the healthcare industry and the accounts receivable management (ARM) market as well as federal, state, and local governments. Headquartered in Muncie, IN, with additional offices in Vancouver, WA, and Albuquerque, NM, and nearly 500 employees and growing, Ontario Systems offers a full portfolio of leading software platforms including  the Artiva family of products, FACS, TCS, RevQ®, and Ontario Omni®. Ontario Systems serves 600+ hospital network customers—including 5 of the 15 largest hospital networks—that actively manage over $40 billion in receivables collectively, as well as 8 of the 10 largest ARM companies and more than 600 federal, state, and municipal government clients in the U.S. Ontario Systems’ portfolio also includes Justice Systems solutions such as FullCourt Enterprise™, whose integrated technologies empower state and local governments to manage court cases, process online payments, and automate revenue and recovery processes.


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