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Last week was one of the most exciting all year, as it usually is when we get to play host to many of our customers and partners in the same place, at the same time. That’s why we look forward to PowerUp, our annual user conference and receivables education event, each and every fall.

This year, we were fortunate to take the show on the road to a new location, bringing attendees together in Scottsdale, Arizona, at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch. We spent three days together discussing the many challenges and opportunities in receivables management for RCM, ARM and GOV organizations. And when the top minds in all those industries connect, the insight is sure to become momentous.

We’d be hard pressed to report on every single idea or a-ha moment cataloged at PowerUp this year, but there were five in particular we heard repeated over and over again during, and after the event.

Here’s what we heard loudest and clearest from PowerUp 2017:

  1. Our clients in RCM, ARM and government learn a lot from one another with an unprecedented opportunity for the unique verticals to collaborate – This year represented the first fully-combined conference since Ontario Systems merged with Columbia Ultimate Business Systems. That resulted in record attendance overall, a noticeably louder exhibit hall, and more active conversations at lunch and on breaks. It was clear that those at the event were taking the opportunity to learn from one another, as much as they were from breakout sessions and training. Discussions leaned heavy on Ontario Systems’ brand new RevQ+ technology, and its integrated services, such as letters, skiptracing, delivery of unattended messages, and web payments. Many have already talked with us about the opportunities this merger has created for their agencies and operations.
  2. Compliance in the receivables space remains a top-of-mind concern – Rozanne Andersen, our Chief Compliance Officer, hosted a large group of attendees at a pre-conference workshop, designed to bring those at the event up to speed on electronic payments, credit reporting, and service provider oversight. This attendance, and the fact that so many of these topics echoed all the way to PowerUp’s end, highlighted compliance’s continued weight on our clients’ bottom-line results. Rozanne and her team met with several groups over the course of the week who shared their need for better compliance programs, and a better understanding of the fundamental ways regulation and political oversight affect their businesses.
  3. Tech know-how bears heavily on strategic execution – Breakout sessions at this year’s conference were particularly packed, with attendees looking to take advantage of many new updates to our core products – the Artiva HC™ and Artiva RM™ solutions; RPCS® and RevQ® technology; the FACS® and TCS® products; and the Contact Savvy contact management solutions. It’s clear that our clients continue to see technology as a key piece of the puzzle in tackling new challenges, and meeting new demands from clients and regulating bodies. We spent a lot of time fielding questions, suggestions, and other thoughts about their roadmaps and trajectories, and look forward to another year of hard work together meeting the healthcare, ARM and government industries’ needs.
  4. Industry leaders are still the go-to source for strategic guidance – General sessions at this year’s event were busier than ever, featuring Rozanne Andersen talking compliance with a full room of healthcare execs, a panel of ARM’s leading C-suiters, and leadership presentations from Keni Thomas, national spokesman for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, and Steve Alford, head coach of UCLA’s Mens’ basketball program. These presentations affirmed what we already knew: Receivables professionals still look to leaders for high-level, strategic guidance about where their businesses are heading, and how to respond.
  5. Gorgeous scenery and awesome weather keep everyone ticking – Time and time again we heard about how awesome this year’s venue was, between the pool(s), desert, big sky, hospitality and sunshine. Let’s make it back sometime!


Thanks to everyone who made last week fun and educational. We’re fortunate to serve three distinct markets under the same receivables skillset, and that puts us in the unique and enviable position of learning from a diverse, hyper-intelligent group of people, where not one, but many different paradigms shine through. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you again next year!


Disclaimer: Ontario Systems is a technology company and provides this blog article solely for general informational and marketing purposes. You should not rely on the content of this material for any other purpose or as specific guidance for your company. Ontario Systems’ advice, services, tools and products described herein do not guarantee compliance with any law or industry standard. You are ultimately responsible for your own company’s actions and compliance efforts. Because everyone’s situation is different, you must consult your own attorneys, accountants, and/or other advisors to obtain specific advice on your company’s compliance, legal, tax, regulatory and/or other business needs. Despite Ontario Systems’ efforts to provide current and up-to-date information, you need to recognize that the information contained herein may become outdated quickly and may contain errors and/or other inaccuracies.

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Posted by Casey Stanley

Casey Stanley, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, has more than 15 years of combined experience with Ontario Systems in sales, marketing and product management. Connecting our corporate activities to business outcomes, his teams formulate new product strategies, create lead generation, and drive branding and creative services efforts. His go-to-market experience in the banking and finance spaces in the United States and United Kingdom offer a unique perspective to his company and leadership team. Casey earned a B.S. from Miami University (Ohio) in Business and Management Information Systems.
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