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Artiva RM™

Innovative ARM operations use the Artiva RM™ product to increase recoveries, more efficiently and survive tightening budgets, regulatory pressure and heavier service demands. Break free of obsolete practices and tools and move forward.

Artiva HCx™

The Artiva HCx™ solution is a complete revenue cycle management package that provides a single, integrated platform for all of your data systems, embedding key analytics and product solutions to eliminate extra steps while representatives work accounts at the right time to maximize revenue and reduce cost.

Contact Savvy® - ARM

Maximize results with cloud-based Contact Savvy® contact management solutions, enabling smarter, higher volume, scalable dialing with managed IT resources and enhanced insight into outbound and inbound campaigns.

Contact Savvy® - RCM

Cloud-based Contact Savvy® contact management solutions from Ontario Systems seamlessly integrate with the Artiva HCx™ solution, providing a manual dialing system to assist with TCPA compliance, and fully-automated inbound/outbound call routing, IVR and messaging capabilities.


Successful agencies have used this pioneering product for more than 35 years – A tightly-integrated package that has helped run ARM operations smoothly and reliably, and increase productivity, performance and profits.

The Collector System®

The Collector System® enterprise product offers outstanding flexibility, productivity and visibility with tools designed to optimize workflow, automate processes and create new channels for data access and reporting.

Artiva HC™

The Artiva HC™ product is the leading receivable management software for healthcare collection agencies, helping to optimize business rule automation, enhance customer service and recover cash faster.


The RevQ+® technology provides the automation of processes and systemic tracking via workflow management to help you address compliance concerns and drive collection results. Flexible, powerful and an easy-to-use, the RevQ system will dramatically increase your government agency’s recoveries.

Artiva Magnify™

The Artiva Magnify™ solution is designed to manage agent productivity through complementing existing systems and providing deeper insight, visibility, and automation capabilities for your management and training.

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