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This is the fourth in a series of five articles highlighting costly RCM issues and what providers need to address them.


Your electronic health record system (EHR) is a big investment, and a crucial one. As the beating heart of your operation, it powers your patient services, operations, and revenue cycle. It has revolutionized the way you provide care and manage your business.

There is, however, an “EHR platform gap”—the missing piece that could be costing you substantial profits.

While your EHR system excels with registration and clinical aspects of the revenue cycle, it lacks the visibility you need as to how  your collectors are performing day-to-day. Procedural mistakes, missed opportunities to discuss high-priority claims, long hold times, too much time off the phones—all of these daily realities can add up to big losses.

To optimize your A/R operation, you need three things you don’t already have:

Is there a way to integrate these capabilities without changing your current setup or nullifying your core EHR investment? Surprisingly, there is.



The EHR Enhancement That Transforms the Revenue Cycle

If you already rely on your EHR system for RCM functions, a “bolt on” A/R workflow management platform would likely create friction by disrupting or overriding existing functionality and workflows.

This is a reasonable concern. We’ve heard it firsthand from providers who want A/R accountability but don’t want to upend their current system. We developed the Artiva Magnify™ solution specifically to complement EHR systems, work seamlessly with them, and enhance their capabilities and value.

The Artiva Magnify solution is also designed to integrate easily, with its unique mix of A/R functions (automation, communications, monitoring, and reporting) working together as part of a harmonious “ecosystem” that’s easy to adapt and maintain.

This simple addition to an existing EHR can simultaneously enable A/R teams to accomplish more with less, drive employee engagement, and boost revenue recovery—all of which create the conditions for improved retention on the front line. Together, these top- and bottom-line benefits turn A/R into the profit center it was meant to be.


GetixHealth needed a better way to manage its global A/R workforce. In one easy step, the company improved claim follow-up efficiency by 60%. >> Read the success story



Learn More About the Industry’s Simplest A/R Fix

As financial and market pressures increase and account volumes grow, having a loyal, motivated collections team that’s well managed, maximizing work time, and making the most of every payer call is a major advantage. But if you have to disrupt your current EHR setup to get it, you’re giving up too much.


Our complimentary eBook “The Accountable Collector: Transforming Healthcare A/R with One Simple Fix” explores two of the most common A/R profit drains, the performance questions your EHR platform won’t answer, and the secrets to creating an accountable (and more effective) collections team. Download your free copy today.



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Boost Your A/R Results—and Your Business Results—with Ease

In this brief guide, “The Accountable Collector: Transforming Healthcare A/R with One Simple Fix,” learn about the two big revenue drains every provider must address and how to fill your “EHR platform gap” so you can build an accountable collections team.

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How to Build a Faster, More Powerful Accounts Receivable Process (and Watch Revenues Soar)

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Posted by Shawn Yates

Shawn Yates serves as Director of Product Management for Ontario Systems, defining the company’s strategy for product and service offerings in the healthcare market. With over 20 years of experience managing self-pay receivables and collection operations for a top 20 healthcare system, Shawn’s background also includes working for a national outsourcing company helping clients manage their insurance and self-pay receivables, and Experian Health, the largest data and analytics company in the country.
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