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What Does the Ideal Court Compliance Process Look Like?

Courts that rely on a traditional compliance process don’t do so because it works well. They do so because it’s well established. They’re familiar with it, and they’ve built their workflows around it. The fear of potentially disruptive change is real.But as we’ve...

3 Reasons Courts Must Improve Their Compliance Process

One of the biggest problems facing courts today is the widespread failure of constituents to pay fines and fees. Many court clerks and administration professionals feel like they’re stuck in quicksand: the more they struggle to collect, the harder it is to gain...

An Inconvenient Truth About Convenience Fees

The typical convenience fee conversation between a third-party collection agency client and its legal counsel usually begins like this:Third-party agency client: Can I legally charge a convenience fee or not?Attorney: It’s complicated.Third-party agency client: I’m...