Proven Solutions for Healthcare's Biggest Profitability Challenges

Healthcare financial leaders are challenged to find the right solutions to improve productivity, increase cash recoveries and reduce the cost to collect. Reductions in payer reimbursements, the rise in high-deductible health plans and increasing regulatory scrutiny are creating tremendous pressures on their margins. The need to create automated processes that effectively work more accounts with less resources, improve agent productivity and quality, and focus resources only on those accounts that need follow-up are the key objectives. Aggregating data from multiple systems along with the enhancements mentioned above will create a seamless single patient experience with true quality to maximize patient satisfaction.

Healthcare's Changing - Is Your Revenue Cycle?

With change on the horizon affecting profitability, it is more critical than ever to look at ways to improve your revenue cycle process. Tackling the whole process at once can be overwhelming. In this eBook, we highlight 4 areas where you should focus.

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Automation Technology is the Key to Positive Operating Margin for Providers

In today’s healthcare environment, managing cost and improving cash recoveries are the keys to growing margin so financial leaders can maintain the provider’s mission of providing quality care to patients. The need to have a strong self-pay collection process is critical to that success with the cost burden shifting to patients with high-deductible health plans.

Providing key automation tactics with enhanced data services provides a seamless process to representatives that improves productivity and increases cash recoveries.  Through the services Ontario Systems offers, providers can manage this trend and maintain their mission.