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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Add-Ons

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Play to the Strengths of
Your Health System’s Unique Processes

Providers place technology at the foundation of their operations. That’s why we provide Add-ons to meet the unique needs of your business office and maintain the quality care you provide your community. Take command of your receivables strategy.


Insurance Hold Manager™

Avoid lengthy payer hold times and increase agent productivity with the IHM software

Omni Voice™

Cloud-based SaaS contact management solution that allows account reps to work more claims and more self-pay accounts, leading to accelerated A/R and a lower cost to collect

Ontario Reports™

Detailed reporting that enables more effective business decisions for you and your community

Eligibility Enrollment/Complex Claims

Prevent productivity leakage and process errors, and speed account resolution with this addition to your Artiva HCx® solution

Enhanced Services

Daily IT service and support from Ontario Systems’ team of advisors help maximize your Artiva system’s performance and improve your RCM business operation

4 Pathways to Improved Patient Satisfaction

Health systems with the best patient-satisfaction track records make four business practices central to their operations because they enhance patient satisfaction, and thus reimbursement. In this ebook, Steve Scibetta talks about each.