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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services

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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services

As financial leaders work to improve their bottom lines, they need more than just a technology solution, they need the operational support to ensure the maximum return on investment is realized. Ontario Systems provides that support as you move into your new endeavor working to gain productivity enhancements and increase cash recoveries through automation, best practices and representative efficiencies.


Strategic Projects

No one knows Ontario Systems’ products better than the people who built them. That’s why our most successful customers have tapped our Development and Onboarding Services teams to get new projects up and running quickly and effectively, with programs that include Application Integration, New Features, Client Customizations and Interface Services.

Technical Services

Our customers get up and running on new receivables products and rapidly see improved ROI with the technical leadership our services teams can provide. By leveraging a single-tier support model; application, database, and contact management; and implementation assistance, improved focus on strategy over the day-to-day has never been easier.

Advisory Services

If you’re looking to unlock the true potential of your receivables operation, Ontario Systems provides a team of seasoned industry veterans to assist you with everything you need to make the most of your ideas and technologies. We offer a broad suite of consultative services that focus on driving higher profits and lowering your business risks.

Education Services

You get it: When you make a big investment in technology, it’s critical to continually invest in training and education to maximize feature functionality and minimize operational and compliance issues. Teach your staff how to best apply it to your business processes, reduce operational risks, and increase intellectual value.

Fast-Growing Provider Unifies Nine Billing Centers—and Transforms Self-Pay Operations

Across its nine U.S. billing centers, FALCK USA struggled with sprawling, inefficient self-pay operations. A standardized workflow and improved patient service were urgent priorities. Learn how adopting the Artiva HCx® platform with AWS hosting and web services API, helped FALCK USA reduce call times, decrease inbound patient calls, and improve revenue recovery.

After a Sudden Move to Remote A/R, Methodist Health System Revolutionizes Performance Management with Cloud-Based Omni Voice™

The ongoing trend toward remote A/R is complicating providers’ efforts to monitor reps’ activity and improve their performance. When COVID-19 restrictions forced Methodist Health System to suddenly transition its workforce from contact center to home, Omni Voice™ made performance management simpler and more effective than ever.

With a Simple, EHR-Friendly Solution, GetixHealth Increases Claim Follow-up Efficiency by 60%

Like many healthcare providers and RCM service providers, GetixHealth was struggling with big hindrances on the back end of the revenue cycle. Among the biggest was a lack of visibility into what their account reps were doing during and between phone calls with payers. Learn more about how the company slashed payer hold times and dramatically increased claim follow-up efficiency with a simple addition to its EHR system.

Discover the Easy Way to Supercharge Your Revenue Cycle Process for Improved Financial Health—Even as You Scale