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Artiva HCx

The Leading Receivables Management Solution for Healthcare Organizations
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Product Overview

One patient. One experience. One solution. One focus for your service reps – The Ontario Systems Artiva HCx® solution enables providers with advanced data analytics and product solutions that streamline and automate insurance and self-pay operations. In turn, providers using the system gain efficiencies that substantially enhance productivity and increase cash flow. The Artiva HCx solution empowers you to achieve these improvements with a fully-integrated patient engagement suite that allows patients to interact with the provider on their terms and their convenience.

Artiva HCx Data Sheet

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“With Artiva HCx, a person calling in to customer service with questions doesn’t have to call each business office to set up payment arrangements – They get questions answered in one place.”

Todd Carlson, Director of Patient Financial Information Systems
Avera Health


  • Aggregation and standardization of key denial CARC codes into subcategories expedites and automates follow-up and appeals tracking
  • Track and report charity care allowances, while assisting patients through the charity application process
  • Optimize strategies for different patient tiers, including automated messaging, phone, interactive voice response and skills-based routing options
  • Manage your own agency placement, reporting and automated recall based on user-defined timeframes through the application directly
  • Audit calls daily to with an embedded contact management platform to drive customer service compliance, and enable quick intervention when additional training is needed
  • Detailed insurance work processes incorporate automated claims status monitoring and look-ahead processing when contacting payers, and generate exception-based workflows that maximize productivity.
  • Integrated, trended dashboards empower you with the information you need to continually assess and improve your operations
  • Automated workflow productivity is boosted by “working smarter not harder” through integrated services that inform treatment strategies taken against both payer and patient liabilities
  • Standard business processes ensure improved and consistent quality of service and faster onboarding of new associates


  • Increase staff productivity
  • Work accounts you do not get to today
  • Increase pace and likelihood of payer reimbursement
  • Enable patients to establish, track and manage payment arrangements
  • Increase patient cash collected
  • Reduce cost to collect
  • Reduce bad debt write-offs
  • Reduce administrative cost to managing multiple vendors

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Empower Your Operation with a Fully-Integrated Patient Engagement Suite