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While this year’s attempt to repeal the ACA suddenly and in its entirety proved fruitless, Republicans insist the law is still doomed. The Senate has already approved a budget resolution defunding key monetary sections of the Affordable Care Act through a process known as budget reconciliation. And while the jury is still out on whether the replacement bill’s failure will move that process forward, if insurers do decide to remain participants in insurance exchanges, significant premium increases are very likely to help cover their costs. This will force many people who cannot afford the monthly cost to drop out of coverage, driving up self-pay balances.

For many healthcare revenue cycle leaders, the uncertainty is causing too much heartburn and headache. Here, in DOTmed’s Healthcare Business Daily News, Shawn Yates discusses how potential impacts to health care reimbursement over the next two years may cause out-of-pocket amounts to rise for patients, while tighter restrictions on Medicaid qualification will translate to high-deductible health plans. Learn here how the technology can help health care providers weather the uncertainty.
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