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  The ACA International Conference & Expo each year brings the brightest minds in ARM to the same place, at the same time, for what often seems like a familiar song and dance: We catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and talk about our business – What’s going well, what’s not, and what path to take next. This year felt different. There’s been no exception to ACA’s annual conference acting as an important and valuable event for ARM managers and executives. But the excitement and energy among attendees in 2018 was especially palpable. That buzz was the real talk of the conference, more so even than the hottest issues around technology, compliance, and operations. This year, the big topic at the conference was our community, and the well-being of those who have supported the industry for decades. Of particular note:
  • By moving the last letter in its name to the front, federal policymakers have shown a shifting attitude in the CFPB – Now the BCFP. How will we see the agency shifting in the coming months is a matter of debate, but attendees at ACA 2018 were particularly excited about the change.
  • This year’s host city, Nashville, turned out to be one of the more exciting venues in the conference’s recent history. Hopping between honky tonks after hours on Broadway seemed novel when we all went out on the town, but it became exciting seeing how many people at the conference had the same idea.
  • When it came to technical topics, artificial intelligence, delinquency dates, and credit repair agencies got most people talking – Especially when it came to matters of compliance. How will AI be put to practical use in our industry? Where will agencies get info from creditors they need? When will scams damaging the industry be laid to rest?

Compliance, for the foreseeable future, will remain at the forefront of the ARM industry’s mind – laws and leading practices simply change too rapidly. Every compliance session we attended at ACA this year was full beyond capacity. That’s because agencies want and need to know about proposed changes in the law as soon as they’re brought up. Despite a changing enforcement and supervisory bureau at the federal level, our industry knows keeping up with the law and meeting consumer demands won’t become any less of a priority. Nowhere was that truth more evident than in Rozanne Andersen’s Wednesday presentation, where a full house took note of our Chief Compliance Officer’s discussion of new communication channels like email, text messaging and chat. It’s clear that the days of letters and phone calls are coming to an end as our exclusive means of contacting consumers, and attendees this year were clearly striving to embrace these newer technologies in the face of compliance challenges. Much like those who’ve signed up for her quarterly Ontario Engage webinars, attendees in the session were clearly hungry for more. As we move into the remainder of 2018, ACA has already done so much to build excitement for our own user conference, PowerUp 2018. It’s obvious that the industry feels as if it’s in a better, more hopeful place today than it has been in recent years. You can see it in the enthusiastic ways our friends and neighbors engaged with one another in Nashville this year. That makes all of us here in Muncie that much happier to see you all once again in Indianapolis, as we discuss how we’ll take the ARM industry into a bold new direction in 2019 – Remember to sign up by August 10 to get the best rate possible!

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