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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Improve productivity, reduce days in A/R, and provide patients with a friction-free billing experience by complementing your existing EHR.

With self-pay on the rise and more employees working remotely, A/R revenue drains and gaps in the patient billing experience are now urgent concerns for healthcare systems. Fortunately, you can solve your biggest healthcare receivables challenges without nullifying your EHR investment or burdening your staff.

Accounts Receivable Management

Boost your power to collect, drive efficiency, and get the industry’s best compliance and data protections—all in one place.

We have the ARM industry’s only holistic, intelligent collections ecosystem combining the power of AI machine learning, workflow automation, embedded payments, unrivaled debt collection compliance knowledge and safeguards, and omnichannel consumer engagement—with real-time visibility for you.



Empower staff to do more with less, improve public stewardship, and engage constituents effectively to help them meet their obligations.

For court systems, clerks, and other government operations, meeting today’s challenges requires a service-oriented operation that allocates resources effectively. Simple automation and tools can free staff from daily manual burdens, transform constituent engagement, and ensure regulatory compliance and transparency.

Industry-Leading Receivables Management Solutions and Support

With 40+ years’ experience in receivables management, Ontario Systems can help you harness the power of your human capital and enterprise data with innovative solutions tailored to your needs. We’ve become a trusted market leader through industry-leading product and service offerings, client-centered innovation, dedicated support, unmatched compliance insights, and a long record of proven success.

We’re honored to count among our client partners 8 of the 10 largest ARM agencies, 5 of the 15 largest hospital networks, and 450+ state and local governments and court systems nationwide.

We support the people who drive our business

Our clients are smart, passionate people – So we’ve hired associates to match their expertise and innovative spirit. You-Powered Careers at OS mean true dedication to service, and to the client’s ultimate success.