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Education & Training Overview

The number of challenges facing receivables management professionals today is truly staggering. So when you make a big technology investment, it’s critical that you continually invest in the training and education that allows you to maximize feature functionality and minimize operational and compliance issues. Let us teach you how to best apply our products to your business processes, reduce operational risks and increase intellectual value and investment in your employees.

Education and Training Programs

Standardized Training Tools to Educate your Teams

Ontario Systems offers a variety of standard training tools and education packages to help your staff stay updated on the latest OS product technology and receivables trends. From instructor-led e-learning and self-paced e-learning, to classroom and on-site training, we have a solution for your education needs.

Training Programs Designed for your Business

Your business has unique needs – and Ontario Systems can tailor training to meet those needs. Whether it’s onboarding new clients, training new employees or assembling a train-the-trainer program for a team, the possibilities are endless. Curriculum can be delivered on premise or via web-based training.

Ontario Certified™ Training Program

Ontario Certified™ empowers you with a comprehensive training program designed with FACS® users in mind. The program includes self-paced product eLearning via the Ontario Systems Lessonly platform and has three sequential levels of certification.

Learn more about how you can establish a highly skilled workforce and empower your teams through Ontario Certified from Ontario Systems.

The Information You Need, at Your Fingertips.

Want to learn more about how leading minds in receivables use cutting-edge technology and services to power up their operations? Our resource page hosts a library of content including blog articles, ebooks, webinar replays, presentations, customer success stories and more. Explore our content and take away the knowledge and advice to help you navigate your daily receivables challenges.