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Leave the Limitations of Static Scoring Behind.
Increase Overall Collections by 20+%.

Pairity® is a breakthrough AI machine learning technology that works around the clock to help ARM agencies improve their contact strategies and collections results. From deep inside the collections workflow, Pairity collects consumer data from alternative sources, identifies successful workflow patterns, and reevaluates data as it evolves—all so you can generate a higher yield in less time and dramatically lower your cost to collect.

Pairity’s Explainable AI (xAI) with Dynamic Scoring: An ARM Industry Breakthrough

Pairity offers the ARM industry’s most advanced AI machine learning capabilities with “explainable” AI (xAI)—a simple, transparent algorithm ideally suited for the industry’s complex regulatory environment. Throughout the day, Pairity calculates propensity-to-pay scores, reevaluates the best time to contact consumers, and feeds prescriptive workflows to collection teams.

With Pairity, Agencies Across the U.S. are Achieving Dramatic Gains—and So Could Yours

Increase revenue per call by as much as 20%

As consumer protection requirements increase, you can make the most of every opportunity to contact consumers for debt collection

Boost right party conversion by 20+%

Expand outreach to more of your portfolio with higher right person contact rates

Improve average yield per account by 30+%

With a continually optimized contact strategy, you’ll collect more revenue more quickly and lower your cost to collect

Make Payments Simpler, Safer, and More Profitable with Our Industry-Leading Embedded Payment Process.

Pairity: Part of the Industry’s Only Holistic, Intelligent, All-in-One Collections Ecosystem

All the building blocks of our collections ecosystem are designed to work together as an efficient, responsive whole, with universal awareness of contact, account, and payment updates the moment they happen. With this degree of visibility and control—and none of the burdens and worries inherent in a multi-vendor integrated system—you can enhance your collecting power, fine-tune your collections strategies, and dramatically improve your results.

Get Up to Speed on the CFPB New Rules with the ARM Industry’s Compliance Leader

Our CFPB New Rules Toolkit offers a variety of resources designed to prepare you for Reg F. Get instant access to our CFPB action timeline, our CFPB video series featuring our award-winning Chief Compliance Officer Rozanne Andersen, webinar replays, blog posts, and more.