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High costs and shrinking margins. Ongoing compliance concerns. Consumers’ rising expectations. These are the common challenges most collection agencies are facing today. As a market leader in Accounts Receivables Management technology, we know well that the old siloed solutions don’t work anymore. They tend to create more risk and cost than anyone expects.

At Ontario Systems, we have taken a holistic approach to solving these challenges. Our ARM ecosystem provides a comprehensive set of tools, designed to fit and work as a single unified command center. It’s robust, multifunctional, and omnichannel, yet controlled via a single hub operating from a shared database. At the core of this ecosystem is our flagship solution – Artiva RM™, the automated workflow “engine”.

It is aware of everything that happens in the ecosystem, making informed decisions that orchestrate the highest value account work. Together with our other capabilities inside Ontario Cloud™, such as Ontario Omni™, Artiva RM™ becomes the ultimate hub for effortless operations and compliance management.

A unified ARM ecosystem is:

  • Simple, thanks to the seamless integration of all parts,
  • Powerful, because of sophisticated business rules,
  • Precise, with real-time insights and oversight,
  • Liberating, thanks to advanced automation,
  • And proven to perform by improving recovery rates, controlling costs, and mitigating compliance concerns.

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