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Revenue Recovery Software and Solutions for 40 Years

Software, Technology and Partnership

Since 1980, hospitals, ARM organizations and government offices have grown and prospered in partnership with Ontario Systems. We provide software, and solutions enabled by technology that help our customers recover revenue efficiently and in compliance with market and government standards. We work with our customers to understand their challenges, and make progressive receivables strategies possible to execute. Whether working for themselves or behalf of others, our customers use our products to automate their recovery operations, generating more revenue at reduced costs, providing enhanced service to their patients and clients, and fueling community missions across the country.

Today, with offices in Muncie, Ind. and Vancouver, Wash., and employees all over the country, Ontario Systems is a recognized brand in the revenue cycle management (RCM) market, used by 5 of the 15 largest hospital networks – who collectively manage $40 billion in receivables – to generate more cash, and provide a single, satisfying patient financial experience. We also count 8 of the 10 largest ARM companies among our customers, along with state and municipal governments across the United States. Our customers push us to innovate, making our products the choice for market leaders across the revenue recovery industries.

Live Life Fully. Change the World – That’s You-Powered.

What’s life like at Ontario Systems? You have a voice at the table. You work with smart, passionate people, in a flexible environment with teams formed for compatibility. You get more done – with less management intervention – with far-reaching impact. Interested?

Big Innovation Starts Small

In 1980, two entrepreneurs in Muncie, Indiana dared to think differently about receivables management. The pair was Ron Fauquher and Wil Davis – our founders. They built a team with deep industry knowledge and a full portfolio of software, services and business process leadership. They brought innovation to the industry together with their customers, and we continue that work today.